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Letting Love Flow :: a magic spell for radical authenticity

Lately I have been thinking a lot about love, about how we are always calculating love's scoreboard. About how we know we shouldn't but we can't help it. It's natural for us to get tangled up in the do's and don't's, the right and wrong, the eternal calculation of everything. Agonizing over every detail, certain that if we get it wrong everything will be a mess… and if we get it right, the sun will come out and we will finally feel joyful, safe... and loved. First of all it [...]

The Weeping :: the world’s most ancient healing art

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in. ~Mother Theresa I have been talking about the weeping for many years. Mostly just with myself and the Angels. I sometimes describe it to people to explain why crying isn't such a bad thing, when it is done right. Why I cling to tears as holy water, as sacred balm, as my birthright. There is a certain kind of crying that is a surrender, a pouring out, and then, a clearing. It is the broken-open heart. Finding [...]

Healing Power of Saunas (5 in series of 5)

loyli, temaxcalli, inipi, sauna . . . These are all words for the universal use of heat for ceremonial healing and cleansing: the steam that bursts forth when the water hits the rocks, the house of heat, the earth womb, to strengthen the WILL in a sacred way, the spirit.... These are all expressions of the sacred gift of heat and cold, of human homeostasis, and of community that rises from the rocks in the sacred sauna steam. "Sweat bathing--be it in the form of the Finnish sauna, the Russian [...]

Castor Oil Pack (4 in series of 5)

Whether it's the old black and white photos of a mother holding a giant spoon out to a cringing child or the horror story from your friend who, in a moment of pregnancy induced hysteria, would try anything to get labor going, castor oil tends to have a pretty bad reputation. Your grandmother might recommend taking a teaspoon of castor oil as a general cure all – from a healthy dose of run of the mill nastiness for unruly children to taking it yourself to help loosen up your bowels [...]

Dry Skin Brushing (3 in series of 5)

Now that we're on the topic of detoxification I want to talk a bit about dry skin brushing. I encourage all my clients to begin their Coffee Enema rituals with dry skin brushing. Here is why. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is responsible for 1/4 of the body's detoxification via the lymph. Our lymphatic system primarily relies on our movement for its functioning. Skin brushing helps move lymph fluid. Dry skin brushing also cleanses the lymph system. Under normal circumstances the skin eliminates more than [...]

Why Coffee Enemas Work (2 in series of 5)

I want to talk about your liver. Well, first I'm going to talk about sheep's livers, a particular sheep's liver in fact. I promise it's relevant. The Liver of Piacenza is an Etruscan artifact and dates back to the late 2nd century BC. It was used in its time for the practice of hepatoscopy, or the reading of omens. "The outer rim of the Piacenza liver is divided into 16 sections; since according to the testimony of Pliny and Cicero, the Etruscan divided the heavens into 16 astrological houses, it [...]

How to do a Coffee Enema (1 in series of 5)

I admit it. I haven't completely quit coffee. In fact I still use it regularly.... but not in the way you might think. I have discovered a whole new way to consume coffee that doesn't jangle my nervous system, mess with my sleep or cause me to be a type A freak. The truth is I am recovering . . . ...recovering from a decade of coffee abuse. Sure I only drank one cup a day (sometimes 2), but it really messed me up. You see I had my first [...]

Teach Your Daughters Wailing :: the power of mourning women

It is Winter. The waters are frozen. The trees are bare. The heart is still as the season of death descends and the sound of grief echoes in the quiet sleeping garden of the soul. Winter is characterized by water, the healing water of tears. We invite the ancestors in the Fall and in the Winter we allow our grief to swell and emerge. Not just any tears, but the sacred tears of measured grief offered to the ancestors once and for all. This is the essential lesson of the [...]

Sacred Foods for Fertility

In traditional cultures around the world certain fertility foods have been revered as sacred due to their important place in fertility and reproduction. Traditional peoples were not just concerned about the basic health of their offspring. They knew that the degeneration of health happens progressively over generations. Thus, a man and woman realized that they had to eat not only for their health and the health of their children, but also for the health of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Woman regularly bore over 10 healthy children well into their forties [...]

Inner Peace and the Wisdom of the Pause :: what I learned from French parenting

This week has been a strange week. Mid week I had a sort of seizure of sadness that had such a tug I really couldn't resist it. You see, about two weeks ago I quit drinking caffeine. Caffeine and I have had a rocky relationship. It's clearly not good for me and I don't mean the kind of not-good where I know I shouldn't have it because of some research study or health guru's proclamation. No, it's the kind of thing where within hours of ingesting the stuff a slew [...]

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