we’re the Arias family 

healers, homesteaders, artists & old world souls

You’re right. The world is a mess right now. Food sovereignty is under attack. Many are panic buying and selling property in search of a solution. Our land and skies and waters are being destroyed and many are waking up to the real culprits. They seem too powerful to beat . . . or are they? 

You also know that you were born for this. You’ve always been a little offbeat, a little eccentric maybe. You long for the old world and its values, its beauty, connection, and goodness. You want your homesteading to be an art, a solace, a medicine. You’ve come to the right place

Fia and Isla 2

sound familiar?

“Who do I trust? How do I get started? How do I truly heal and find peace? How can my homestead be in harmony with love and truly be of service?

We understand. We too felt we were meant for another time, a simpler time before concrete and plastic, a time when beauty mattered, a time when people were born into simplicity and kinship. 

We’ve spent our whole lives living in the margins, standing for what matters most, and discovering how to honor our old world souls while addressing the real needs of these times. We’ve explored and experimented with homesteading in urban and rural settings and learned the ins and outs of what we call holistic homesteading.

Holisitic homesteading is about more than gardening tips and tricks or the rules of animal husbandry. It’s about re-membering our connection with all things from stones and small creatures to cosmos and Creator.

We can help you overcome the outer and inner obstacles to creating the holistic homesteading life you long for . . . with love.

You ARE meant for these times. You can recover what has been lost, what is already calling from within you. You can live your homesteading dream with depth, art and old world soul.

that’s where we come in

We created this sacred circle to help you re-member the old world soul of family, food & farming.

We are here to share and support, listen and encourage. We have spent so many hours dreaming and learning and practicing and we want to do this homesteading thing with YOU. 

Our programs will take you from, “I want to” to “I just finished” or “I’m working on” all those dreams.

When it comes to homestead happiness, no amount of practical knowledge alone can bring you peace. You need less in, and on, your mind, not more! 

We distill the information, quiet the noise, and offer the depth you need to embrace lost values, protective principles, and traditions that matter.


arias family

the founders

healers, homesteaders, artists & old world souls

David and Krista met in 2004 and were married 6 months later. They had their first daughter, Fia at home amongst first Camelia blossoms and the scent of Winter Daphne. Their son was born during the fall garlic harvest when the Swifts pass through.

They got their first chickens in 2005, their first goats in 2008. They made their first sauerkraut in 2006 and their first kefir sodas in 2007. The rest is history!

LOCATED Magdalena, NM

working on barndominium

DREAM a swimming pond



homesteading: the practice of living self-sufficiently by growing and preserving food

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krista arias

the visionary

philosopher, poet, chef, DR. Mama

Philosopher, poet, minister, chef . . . Krista is an old soul who dreams of being grandmother to many. Her big job is to turn all the raw ingredients into delicious meals: goat tajine and tamales, goat milk yogurt, herb drizzles, and myriad kefir soda flavors – also soaps and salves, tinctures and tonics.

You will find her either tending the garden or her starts & ferments, wondering out loud, or dreaming into what Tierra Soul was, is, and will become.

LOCATED magdalena

soda vanilla

sourdough pizza

Krista with Annie

david arias

the inventor

handyman, artist, volunteer firefighter

What would we do without David? Whether it’s running water lines for the garden, inventing a quick fix for an emergency melt-down of some sort, fixing a neighbor’s fence, or listening to the dreams of his family so he can put them into action, David is all service. 

David loves music and exploring. He dreams of building a dwelling with his own hands – maybe this is the year – Check out our natural building workshops and be a part of his vision!

LOCATED magdalena

soda prickly pear

sourdough toast

papa in Mexico

fia arias

la pastora

goat charmer, trail rider, rock star

Fia is a dreamer and philosopher even when taking the goats to pasture. She just might come home with a hand woven grass charm or create a stone circle near the arroyo. She is the ranch manager and works hard to nurture the establishment quality of mini nubian dairy goats in the high desert.

Fia is a beautiful writer and loves to play guitar and sing. She also makes a mean Mexican chocolate goat milk ice cream. Visit the farm-stand / member-café to try it out!

LOCATED Magdalena

soda blackberry

sourdough crumpets

Fia & Citlali

xoco arias

pig whisperer

builder, mountain biker, photographer

Xoco loves pigs and has a favorite chicken named Bobineau. He loves the feeling of “having-done chores” but has a hard time waking up early. Still, for the love of pigs and horses and chickens – he does it!

Xoco is a designer and builds things you wouldn’t believe out of lego. He is learning to whittle bowls, forge knives and you can see his breathtaking photography HERE!

LOCATED Magdalena

SODA orange cream

sourdough tortillas