Healing Power of Saunas (5 in series of 5)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Krista, Is a really hot bath a good substitute if one doesn’t have access to a sauna?

    • krista says:

      Although soaking in a hot bath can be a great way to relax and has its own benefits, like inducing an artificial fever and stimulating the immune system (Stay Healthy with Steam Therapy it cannot replace the benefits of an authentic sweat bath. Because the skin is immersed in water, the body is not able to release sweat (and the toxins that accompany it) effectively.

  2. Gretchan says:

    How often do you recommend using the sauna? Are there any special protocols that you recommend as adjuncts while in sauna or after?

    • krista says:

      For general wellness and prevention, I recommend bathing twice weekly; however, during a cleanse, or if toxicity is particularly high, you can bathe up to twice daily. In our Nutritional Therapy program we use hair tissue analysis to assess toxicity levels. All practices described in our Cleanse Series as well as those provided in our Seasonal Cleanse Kit are compatible with sweat bathing.

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