Dry Skin Brushing (3 in series of 5)

Now that we’re on the topic of detoxification I want to talk a bit about dry skin brushing. I encourage all my clients to begin their Coffee Enema rituals with dry skin brushing.

Here is why.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification via the lymph. Our lymphatic system primarily relies on our movement for its functioning. Skin brushing helps move lymph fluid.

Dry skin brushing also cleanses the lymph system.

Under normal circumstances the skin eliminates more than one pound of waste products every day! If skin pores are clogged, toxins will remain in the body. This stresses the body’s other organs of detoxification.

Benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • Increases circulation to the skin making it stronger, healthier and more resilient.
  • Exfoliates the skin so it can breathe – absorb nutrients and eliminate toxic waste.
  • Improves vascular blood circulation which is overall health building.
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage – discharge metabolic waste from the body.
  • Stimulates and tones the nervous system.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Assists Digestion
  • Increases cell renewal.

Use the Right Kind of Brush

The brush used should be a long-handled, bath-type brush. It is essential that it contain natural bristles and not synthetic ones. Synthetic bristles will scratch the surface of the skin and are harsh and irritating. Keep your brush dry.

How to Do Dry Skin Brushing

The body should be dry, and the brush should pass once over every part of the body except the face. The best time to do skin brushing is before showering or bathing at least once a day, and twice, if possible. Do not wet the skin since it will not have the same effect because this stretches the skin.
Your skin should not become red. If it does, you are probably brushing too hard. There should be no back and forth motion, circular motion, scrubbing, or massaging – one clean sweep does it. Use long gentle, but firm, stokes. The direction of the brushing should generally be towards the lower abdomen.

To brush the skin, use long gentle, but firm, strokes

  • Start at  your extremities (feet first) and brush toward your heart.
  • Don’t brush your face or nipples
If you haven’t done skin brushing before it is wise to start with only one pass over the skin’s surface. Over time you can gradually increase the number of strokes done during each skin brushing session.
The reason is that too much stimulation can be too hard on the body. And always use long gentle, but firm, strokes. Remember that your skin should not turn red, which means the pressure on your strokes is too heavy. The idea is to stimulate and not to irritate the skin.

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