When I was about 23 I started a regular practice. Let’s call it the Daily Question. It did it every day in the shower. Now that I know about Permaculture and don’t shower every single day I do it first thing when I wake up ~ before anything else. It is really quite simple. Ask […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom, Seasons, Ceremony & Ritual

August 27, 2014

Daily Question :: the practice of humility in the age of “attraction”

I have a Dream. I wrote the first draft of this post about 5 years ago when I started my very first real business (where I was actually trying to make money rather than simply create a cultural millieu, or large scale art installation). I grew up pretty poor – at least by American standards. […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom

May 1, 2014

Krista’s Dream Rates :: prologue to reclaiming the gift economy

  One of my favorite things to do is lay on my back and look up at the trees. Sometimes I go a long time without doing it. Sometimes years. Yesterday I took the morning off with my kids and a dear friend and we went to the Smith and Bybee Wetlands, a 2,000 acre […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom

April 23, 2014

Listening to Trees :: surrender is the new strategy

It is no secret. All power is one in source and end, I think. Years and distances, stars and candles, water and wind and wizardry, the craft in a man’s hand and the wisdom in a tree’s root: they all arise together. My name, and yours, and the true name of the sun, or a […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom

March 10, 2014

Find your project’s True Name :: yes, it matters

Santa is going green. Really. In fact he has been running a top secret pilot project for the last five years (we were lucky enough to be a part of it) and is now ready to launch the program worldwide. Here is what you can expect starting Christmas 2014: Santa’s pilot recycling project has gotten […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom, Seasons, Ceremony & Ritual

December 23, 2013

New Year Sustainable Santa Alert!

Financial Recovery, Karen McCall, 2011, Non-Fiction, Financial, paperback, $14.95, 978-1-57731-928-3 In her recent book, Financial recovery, Karen McCall shares the principles and methods she discovered in her personal experience and fine-tuned in working with thousands of people from all walks of life in finding the hope, courage, and ultimately, freedom in recovering from confused and […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom

March 9, 2013

Financial Recovery – book review

Forget Safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. – Rumi Reading this the other night, I felt a massive weight lift from my shoulders. Here we are entering the New Year, starting the yearly bout of Mercury Retrograde and I am feeling the tug-of-war feeling I get every year at […]

Cultural Creativity & Financial Freedom, Decoloniality & Liberation, Seasons, Ceremony & Ritual

January 1, 2010

New Year Notoriety :: bad is the new good

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