We have spent a number of years carefully dreaming, crafting and revising a series of unique and life-changing e-courses designed just for you.
All of them can be completed from the comfort of your own studio, kitchen or couch. Each will help you in a different area of your quest for, and dream of, simplicity, sustainability, wellness, and belonging.

*For nutritional support products and/or one-on-one offerings
please visit the FARM-STAND.

Folklore Foods & Farming: Tierra Soul Village Farm's "Folklore Foods & Farming" program is a comprehensive, yet efficient, program in food sovereignty, nutrient density, traditional foods, and detoxification. It includes our unique permaculture course Lazy-Lady Living, traditional foods techniques course, Folklore Foods as well as our unique social permaculture offerings in the areas of Trauma Healing, Ceremony and Ethical Business. It also includes the Seasonal Cleanse Kit, The DIY Supplement Oracle and The Top Ten Supplement Eliminator.  Contact us about a special price for the whole program!


Food :: Farming :: Healing :: Homesteading :: Earth Medicine :: Food Security :: Community Ceremony :: Right Livelihood :: Sustainable Economy :: LEARN MORE

Traditional, Sacred & Healing Foods :: Nutritional Therapy :: Fermented Foods :: Raw Milk & Dairy :: Home-making :: Kitchen Rhythms :: LEARN MORE


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