We believe real food served in community is a remedy for the spirit, a potion, a balm for dis-ease of the body and soul. Food is medicine and breaking bread together is healing. We believe this kind of connection and healing is a first step in true liberation and community health. Our world today is so full of conflict and division and though it looks like we are just a "cafe," we are, in fact, carefully creating a sacred space for bridge building. 

Our Farm-School teaches "holistic" homesteading which includes and is rooted in deep spiritual contemplation and experience. We are not just farmers, but men and women who tend the land, listening, connecting, witnessing, and responding to earth rhythms and the cycles of nature.

When you come stay with us for a Farm-Stay or Retreat, you have the opportunity to experience more that just a bunch of farm animals making cute noises. Rather, you are immersed in the world of reparation and restoration, one that calls out to your Indigenous soul to re-member holism and the natural polarities of this earthly existence.

Tierra Soul is private membership circle. 
You must become a member to participate.

We believe that liberation is a prerequisite for knowing our Creator and that Indigenous Ceremony, in particular the Temazcal or Mexican Sweat House is a medicine path that can support this wisdom. We believe that the root of art is ceremonial, that it can and ought, move the soul.

The "Farm"

I have learned these arts mostly from regular people as well as brief relationships with Indigenous Elders and teachers. I honor, without claiming apprenticeship or lineage, Tela Star Hawk Lake (Yurok – moonblood), Cher Bear Lyons (sweat lodge), David Forlines (Quileute – plant medicine, cultural restoration), Basil Brave Heart (Lakota – Sun Dance & adoption ceremony), Michael Paul Hill (Apache – coming of age ceremony), Tonita Gonzales (Xicana – temazcalli), Rita Navarrete Perez (Mexican – temazcalli, sobadas y hierbas), Dayana Paz (Mexican – temazcalli), and Francesca Mason Boring (Shoshone – constellation ceremony).

our ancestors speak . . .
if we can clear our hearts to honor them
i believe our earth is a living mother who needs us
as much as we need her

death is a threshold 
that thresholds are sacred realms between worlds 
and the relationship between birth and death is gorgeous and necessary

mothering is an archetypal pattern that is daily losing ground in our world. 
i believe understanding the core of mother, the centering of mother, is vital.

 duality is sacred and liberatory
that there is a rhythmic bridging between polarities.
i believe we currently live in ubiquitous polarized and confrontational cultural-war-zones
we can repair the rifts and bring all "sides" back into organic rhythmic relationship

poetry is a touchstone, a place of solace,
epiphany and comfort 
i believe words are also a profound weapon for
social change, inspiration and healing  

 trauma is transmitted over generations
and it can be healed
i believe we can all re-member our ancestral souls,
not despite but through trauma traces
i believe ancestral wisdom and memoria are recovered in the healing process of all people regardless of race and culture 

we can engage in practices that activate
and enact the sacred soul of the world,

that is how I found myself here . . .
in service, in love, in gratitude. 
i believe your body is magic and 
the lap of the earth is strong and open. 

we got this!