We are committed to using organic, sustainably wildcrafted, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We focus on using healthy ancestral foods including traditional fats, pastured meats, soaked, sprouted or soured grains, fermented veggies, and raw cheeses - so that our food contributes to community health and well-being.

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when in doubt, add butter

Welcome to the the Te Amo Member-Café. We believe real food served in community is a remedy for the spirit, a potion, a balm for dis-ease of the body and soul. Food is medicine and breaking bread together is healing. We believe this kind of connection and healing is a first step in true liberation and community health. Our world today is so full of conflict and division and though it looks like we are just a "cafe," our Ministry is, in fact, carefully creating a sacred space for bridge building. Contact us to become a member and start receiving invitations to upcoming fellowship  Brunches and Big Meals!

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We are in transition / slow-expansion.
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We extend our gratitude to all those who loved and supported the member-cafe during our first season.
We are in transition and dreaming of all the beautiful possible returns!


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