The Tierra Soul Farm-Stand is a member-based, and family run,  community hub for real cottage foods. We are committed to offering healthy organic bakery, artisan and market items. We are building a small stock of pantry staples as well as gifts and home goods you might need in your homesteading adventures.


artisan farm products for a beautiful new world

organic pantry staples:
dry beans & lentils, whole wheat & white flour,
Nixtamalized corn Masa,
Cane sugar & Rapadura Sugar, raw honey, maple syrup,
Butter, olive oil, vinegar, coconut milk, salt & spices, apothecary, books, gifts, home goods . . . and more!

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monthly Magdalena azure standard delivery

Order groceries online through Azure Standard and have them delivered to our Magdalena drop site once a month. This is a service to the community - No mark up by us. Joining and ordering is simple!

We are in transition / slow-expansion.
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Magdalena and PortlandFarm-Stands and Member Cafés?
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Magdalena, NM
farm stand
& member-cafe

Portland, OR
farm stand
& member-cafe



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