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EST 2008

welcome! We’re glad you’re here

we help sovereign seekers embrace holistic homesteading

when we heal the land, we heal ourselves. when we gather in harmony with love & healing, we bless the future. when we share our visions, we create hope. when we walk in honor, we rebuild trust and peace,

These are challenging times.

we are sacred beings.

The lap of the earth is strong and open.

We got this!

we’re the arias family

artists &
old world souls

We help you find well-being, connection, and belonging in your homesteading journey. We do this through sacred and healing foods, earth-medicine & ceremony, permaculture design, ancestral healing, somatic wisdom, dream-craft, creativity, art, and the practice of simplicity until you feel supported by family, community, ancestors, land, Creator and cosmos.

the arias family
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OUr beloved homesteading COURSE

Lazy-Lady Living

Holistic Homesteading, Soulful Permaculture, Indigenous Soul, Regenerative Agriculture, Earth-Medicine . . . 

will you join us?

Tierra Soul is a private membership circle. 

Everything we do is private. You must join, for free, to view all of what we do, offer, express;

The Tierra Soul Members Circle


The Community

Join the Tierra Soul Membership Circle where we share our knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement. You will be invited to explore all we have to offer ~ in the private domain. 

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upcoming events

Interested in joining us for a workshop, work-party, healing circle or ceremony? Browse what’s coming soon below:

the freebies

New around here? Start with these FREE resources. They are designed to grow your holistic homesteading skills as well as help you get to know us!

WANT TO heal your gut?

Sacred Soda

We’ve been making flavored kefir sodas for over ten years now and have learned all the ways it can go wrong… and right. Last summer a café-member came to us and said she thought our soda was healing her gut issues and could she “please have 10 bottles?!” Instead we offered her some kefir grains and taught her how to make her own soda right at home. We’d love to teach you this sacred art too!

want to embrace permaculture?

lazy-lady living

Check out the first week’s modules of our Holistic Homesteading and Soulful Permaculture Knowledge Share. The first week covers Permaculture’s founders and philosophy and an introduction to Traditional Foods. Start your path into the world of sustainable sustainabilty for free before committing to the whole program!

want to find inner peace?

the soft animal

Do you know Mary Oliver’s poem, The Wild Geese and the line: you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves? This 5 day mini course will get you started on the path of embracing your soft animal instinctual self that knows exactly what to do in each moment. Leave the chaos. Choose the real. You won’t regret it . . . 

natural hair mask

Make a Natural Hair Mask for Silky Shiny Hair

Why Sourdough

What is Nutrient Density 1 :: Why Sourdough?

Beyond Organic

10 Ways Permaculture Goes Beyond Organic

beyond regenerative

4 Ways Permaculture Goes Beyond Regenerative


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