. . . of living simply and in tune with the rhythms of the earth and her creatures to take its place in the forefront of your life, to become your priority, your security, your offering in these troubling times.

So you dream of being a homesteader . . .

Permaculture for the Soulful

food :: farming :: earth medicine :: food security :: community ceremony healing :: trauma healing :: lineage repair :: right livelihood :: sustainable economy


The time has come . . . 

If you’re like most aspiring villagers, you probably find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the current paradigm shifts going on in the world. It may have caught you off guard - working a job that doesn’t fulfill you, feeding your family food that doesn’t nourish them, or stalling on the next stage of development because you’re not quite sure how to go about it even though you know in every cell of your body that simplicity and sustainability are the way of the future.

Well, now is the time to seize the moment, surrender your worry, and SERVE.
You know you want to increase your self-sufficiency.

But you feel paralyzed. It seems impossible to find the time or know the right place to start. You may have had chickens in the past and they all got eaten by raccoons or coyotes and it feels like too much work to do it all over again just for a few eggs. Maybe you’ve joined a forum to get feedback and build a sense of community. Maybe you even have a real live farm, but are exhausted and overwhelmed. Despite your best intentions, you’re still feeling discouraged, or stuck, or isolated.

But right now, it all seems overwhelming.

You want to get connected to your food, its production, preparation, and its sharing. You dream of village harmony, rhythm, and connection. You crave traditional wisdom, the real thing: food, family, community, and connection.

Maybe you’d even like to create an ethical livelihood rooted in sound principles of sustainability.

Yes, you dream of wholeness.

You want to get connected to your food, its production, preparation, and its sharing. You dream of village harmony, rhythm, and connection. You crave traditional wisdom, the real thing: food, family, community, and connection.

Maybe you’d even like to create an ethical livelihood rooted in sound principles of sustainability.

Well, now is the time to seize the moment, surrender your worry, and SERVE.

And now we make a living as farmer-artist-healers and cultural creatives. We are able to stay home with our kids and have manifested a world where hundreds of people come each season to experience the magic of Lazy-Lady Living in person. We did this perfectly well for years on our city lot, but did move to our 65 acre mountain retreat in rural New Mexico in 2020 (a very special year!) and are now learning about living, farming, and homesteading out of the city.

I want to share this all with you so you can use your own cultural creativity and whatever piece of earth you inhabit to make a better world.

We know how it feels.

I was born a city girl. My mother tells the story of when she asked me where orange juice comes from and I said, You squeeze the can. Ya. I get the, not knowing the first thing feeling well.

When my family and I became interested in Food and Farming as adults, we were convinced that we needed to find a way to move to the country before we could have a farm. We would pore over Self-Sufficiency books for hours dreaming of the day when we could escape and begin our country farmer’s dream.

But then we realized we could start right in our own backyard.

As we got started, we quickly realized that much of the “organic farming” information and education is complicated and overwhelming. Tracking zones, researching companion plants, soil testing etc. was just too much for us while raising 2 young children. We also found a lot of the sustainability gurus were quite alarmist. We don’t want to live in fear of the end of the world. We want to live filled with hope and inspiration. We want connection and joy.

So, we set out to find our own way.

I liked everything about Lazy Lady Living. I will have to immerse myself in living it to completely understand all aspects. Lazy Lady Living has changed my perception immensely. I am now more determined to find land, no matter how small, and more determined to fully live this lifestyle. I am also more focused to delve deeper with this information and incorporate it into all aspects of my life. Lazy Lady Living provides a wealth of knowledge that is delivered in an awesome format – plus, it can be taken anywhere, anytime, and applied to any situation. Awesome work Krista!

Changed my perception immensely . . .

~ Becka Munn

I LOVE Lazy-Ladies & Lads! Krista and her family are living examples of what she teaches. It shows in all her classes and that inspires me. I immediately felt like part of something bigger. The program gave me so much interesting and useful information to apply to my life; I am still doing plenty of research on many subjects. It has changed my family’s lifestyle, I feel awakened to something great! LLL gave me hope. There are people who are actually doing what I want to do and are willing to teach it. LLL taught me a very healthy approach to feeding my family. I have gotten so much benefit out of being able to go back and retake or finish up the classes at my own pace.

I recommend LLL because it is jammed packed with a wealth of information to guide you on a journey of a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t ask for more.

immediately felt like part of something bigger . . . 

~ Angelica Rushton

Lazy-Lady Living Course Curriculum

Week 1 :: Permaculture & Traditional Diets
Permaculture Philosophy & Ethics, Weston A. Price, Nutrient Density, Value Added farming

Week 2 :: Biodynamics, Trauma & Initiation
Anthroposophy & Biodynamic Agriculture, Trauma, Initiation & Myth Mending, Community Resilience.

Week 3 :: cultivated ecology
Permaculture Basics, Cultivated Ecology, Mulching, Green Manure,Compost Weeds, Wildlife & Pests.

Week 4 :: Biodynamics, Trauma & Initiation
Backyard Goats – Milk, Meat & Fiber, Backyard Chickens & Ducks – Eggs, Backyard Bees – Honey.

Week 5 :: Sacred Slaughter & Earth Rhythms
Sacred Slaughter, Grief & Gratitude, Seasonal Celebrations

Week 6 :: Urban Apothecary
Backyard Wildcrafting, Biodiversity/Marginality, Lazy-Lady soap, salve, tincture and tonic, Soil & Trees.

Week 7 :: Energy Water & Recycling
Catastrophe & diverse Climate Solutions, Water Systems, Recycling, Aquaculture, Ponds, Dams & Bridges.

Week 8 :: Ethical Business & Cultural Creativity
Ethical Business & Investing, Licensure vs. Free Marketplace, Personal Abundance, Giving Back.

What Lazy Ladies (and Lads) are saying:

Deepening of knowledge . . .

My favorite part of Lazy-Lady Living was the exposure to such a wide range of topics, and the selected deeper learning of certain aspects and the integration of all the various topics into a way of living. I received thorough deepening of knowledge, more exposure to research / resources in several fields (trauma, initiation, permaculture) and practical and fuller integration of theory into everyday life. I also saw how well an online course can be facilitated and the potential for using this as a credible means to deliver knowledge. LLL is the only course I know about that covers the more cultural aspects of permaculture in depth. I also appreciated the connection with Weston A Price principles - an often overlooked "why" of permaculture. It pushes the boundaries a little with the spiritual aspects - something that makes people uncomfortable but should be an accepted part of everyday life. THANK YOU!

~ Jurgen Haitsma

Blown Away . . .

Lazy Lady Living surpassed my expectations. I knew it was about permaculture but I did not have a pre-conceived notion about it. In fact, I was blown away by the amount of content as well as the depth of the topics that we covered.

My biggest benefits from the course are knowledge of nature-based 'gardening' for optimal output with less effort while being better for the environment, your health, etc. and knowledge of home-death. I have also been able to benefit by learning more and affirming deeper the concept of and desire to move towards a gift-economy and practicing without licensure.

Lazy Lady Living is a very well-rounded program that touches base on a lot of things that I feel a typical permaculture program wouldn't or may not. I really liked the over-all set-up, as well as the ease of watching the videos and that it was a distant learning course. The ease of the online program was quite beneficial and the price was manageable compared to others. I would recommend Lazy Lady Living to friends and colleagues.

~ Aileen Peterson

New and profound ideas . . .

I loved Lazy-Lady Living. It presented me with new and profound ideas that I had not thought of before. The class was so much more than about agriculture, permaculture and biodynamics. It was about life and death, celebration, working with sorrow, grief, and conflict. Lazy-Lady Living helped me fill in gaps and deepen understandings.

Overall, I have a renewed appreciation for the life force/Universe that guides us all, and a deeper trust in myself and my own inner wisdom. Krista brings herself into her work in a way that is genuine and comforting, while still being a strong and effective guide. I am so deeply grateful for the chance to rewrite many of my life's most challenging stories as time progresses. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! 

~ Ann Michael

Very insightful . . .

The topics in Lazy-Lady Living were great and really added to my understanding of "lazy living". The videos were very insightful. They are concise and cover the essential learning points. Also they are rather informal as so they feel more like a chat/coaching rather than formalized training.

Before starting Lazy-Lady Living, I didn't know what to expect. I work for a large corporation and am still far from a transition into a life closer to nature. I was looking for the kind of guidance, vision and inspiration that would allow me to take a step further towards a more sensible way of life and I got it.

The biggest benefits of the course for me were: a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of farming (Rudolf Steiner and the trauma concepts), a grasp of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture, and aim to apply it to my (small) backyard garden, and an awareness of life cycles (birth and death, green burials).

I would definitely recommend Lazy-Lady Living to someone who is on their way to awareness. It is quite far ahead of the general public. Lifetime access is definitely crucial. I'll need lots of time to digest and assimilate this course!

~ Gael Minon

Material is so deep that I think one could spend a lifetime contemplating . . .

Lazy-Lady Living has inspired me to see new potentials in what I can create in my small yard in the city and I am eager to learn more. Before I started Lazy-Lady Living, I thought I would be gaining a basic understanding of permaculture and learning about new ways to take care of my garden and learn how to grow a wider variety of plants. I love that the course incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Lazy-Lady Living has taught me that the type of human being I am will greatly inform how and why I sow seeds and grow plants/vegetables/herbs.

The biggest benefits to me have been incorporating the idea of the indigenous soul, realizing that all that matters is that I start to make small, meaningful changes daily, and that eventually all of those little changes evolve into a more sustainable healthier existence for me and my family and incorporating the problem is the solution into my life which has helped me to approach challenges and struggles in a fresh way, with curiosity and passion to find creative solutions.

I want to listen to each module at least three times before I move on to the next one. The material is so deep that I think one could spend a lifetime contemplating the information and there would still be more to learn.

I would recommend Lazy-Lady Living because I would like to live in a world where every being could learn the concepts of permaculture. Essentially, it reveals how preciously intertwined we all are.

When one can really feel how interconnected one is to the rest of the Universe, it becomes easier to make choices that will benefit the Whole.

~ Julie Shiprack

Deepening my spiritual practice . . .

I loved that Lazy-Lady Living gave me that extra push in deepening my spiritual practice. At the time I enrolled, it was a bit of a splurge for me. When I first looked at the Lazy-Lady Living program, it seemed like a nice approach to living. Right up my alley. In hindsight I realize the coursework delved more deeply than I expected. I go back to things like Sacred Slaughter, better options for how to deal with death and permaculture in general. Oh, and slow business. I would absolutely recommend Lazy-Lady Living to friends and colleagues. Eight weeks is a short time given how much the course contains. The beauty is one can go and look at it afterward. This way I can spend as much time as I need to understand permaculture and to integrate it in my spiritual practice. If you join the program, you’re in for a delicious treat. I am humbled by the generosity and wealth of information that Krista shares in LLL.

~ Martha Letessier

Longing for connection | Rise of the sacred feminine!

Lazy-Lady Living exposed me to so many resources and so much material, very content rich! Before I enrolled, I just knew I was drawn to it. It tapped into that longing for connection to the source of everything, which is so prevalent now. We can see everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest that women, in particular (but not exclusively), are searching for it — the rise of the Sacred Feminine! I just think this longing, and need, is growing in our culture. I really benefited from all the content, and also the affirmation from being a part of a larger community. I recommend Lazy-Lady Living to friends and colleagues because it gives a real experience of what permaculture is all about.

~ Mary Kingsley