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You can become a general member by making a purchase from us of any sort, live or virtual - at the farm-stand or any other location you may find us. Your membership in this case lasts as long as our relationship related to that purchase continues.

Or you can become a supporting member and be privy to our more inner workings, special events, and Earth Ministry.

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hop canyon Herd-Share

We specialize in raw dairy from our herd of high quality Mini Nubian goats and single sweet A2/A2 Jersey cow.
We are starting to offer fresh raw milk in the Herd Share part of our Membership Association. 

kraut Club Kitchen Collective

The Kraut Club Kitchen Collective is a community supported kitchen (csk), where we cook for each other and exchange community kitchen-crafted YUM-YUMS and household useful-things .

Te Amo Café & supper club

Join our super secret social supper club and receive invitations to special seasonal family style meals and other creative culinary experiences.

Benefits of Membership

Discounts on workshops, products, courses & events 

Tierra Soul insiders (members) will be the first to hear about new offerings as well as special discounts on members-only offerings. Members-only offerings may include, retreats, farm-stand products, event hosting and more . . .

Join in on these MEMBERS ONLY offerings:

We are open by appointment
Fridays between 11am and 2pm.

*it's important to make an appointment so we are sure to be here

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