The rules of the circle are as follows and become law once you agree to the agreement;

The circle, website, and knowledge offered herein is provided by i: a woman; Krista Arias, on an “as is” basis; i, and others of mankind do offer our time and property through the circle; and knowledge offered through this website or any outlet of the circle is property of i, and or of those of mankind who do otherwise create it;
All who use the knowledge offered through this website or any other outlet of the circle do so as a man or woman only, and do take full responsibility for said use;

We, as mankind, can speak to you as a man or woman only;

All who donate and or compensate for time and or property through this website or any other outlet of the circle, do so as a man or woman in the private;

All donations and or compensation are given before time and or property will be shared;

Each man or woman takes full responsibility for any content they post on this website as well as in any group or forum that we do manage outside of this website, and does agree to treat others of mankind with respect taking responsibility for their own offenses, feelings and emotions during interactions with others;

We reserve the right to terminate membership to the circle, or to remove access to a particular group or forum or offering, or to remove or edit any content, at our sole discretion, whether or not a donation or compensation has been made in order to be a part of such a group, forum or offering on or off this website;

Any property that we as mankind did create, we hereby claim as our property;

Any information you provide to this site you do so in the private; We consider the information you provide to this site as your property; We will respect your property and keep it private; We do not store details online; We do not store credit or debit card numbers;

You can request a copy of any information that we hold about you; You can also request that we delete your information;

All who attend any online or offline events offered through the circle are responsible for their own circumstances and feelings, and for their application of any guidance they may receive while in attendance, and agree not to attempt to make those who may host or any others of mankind who may be in attendance responsible for said circumstances and or feelings, and or for any consequences of such application;

We record our online events and do often share the recordings for teaching purposes; by participating in any online event, you agree to your voice and or image being used and shared in this way; if you wish for your voice and or image to be removed from recordings that are shared beyond those who do attend such events, you will need to contact us and request this prior to the event taking place;

You allow us to place information on the hard drive of your computer in the form of so-called cookies, which you can remove or decline at any time;

We have the right to change these laws from time to time as we see fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these laws; we will write to you when we change them, and you will be able to cancel your membership if you do not agree to the changes;

These laws also apply to any events offered by us which may take place in any physical location;

To ask questions in regard to these laws please contact us below:

laws of the circle


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