Tierra Soul Horse Sanctuary is a place where rescue horses find freedom and peace. We offer them the healing love and care that they need and help them to grow as beautiful and vital members of our kin-community without equestrian pressure.
Our horses, once they are with us for even a short time, are able to relax and heal and connect in a way that is mostly unimagined in today's equine world. We also have goats, chickens, bees, a few dogs & cats - looking for a cow and some pigs too!

A sanctuary is, first and foremost, a sacred space. It is also a place of safety. We have, ourselves, witnessed the power of offering safety to horses after neglect, overtraining and/or abuse. What emerges is nothing short of sacred: The horses flinch and react less and less. They exude peace and calm. They display signs of healing release, play and communication. They choose connection with humans on their own, if/when they are ready - without halters or lead ropes or any kind of training. We have witnessed this palpable sacred-ness emerge and swell back to humans and the land and all things.

What is a sanctuary?

We made this place for the horses, but also for you: We want to bring you into this more-than-human kin community of care and repair. We live in troubled times and we know, beyond a doubt, that the horses carry a piece of the puzzle that can lead us out/back/forward. We hope you will consider joining in this project of world-soul-repair. You are most welcome here.

We want to create a gathering place in support of, and with, our rescue horses. We believe that communities are powerful forces for good. Communities can nurture dreams into reality, and we have a dream: to repair the relationship between humans and horses and restore trust and connection and interact without the kind of pressure and dominance. What is possible for horses, and also for humans, when the power dynamic is allowed to melt away and be replaced with trust and healing?

Who are we?
Fia got her first horse, Citlali, when she was 12 as part of her coming-of-age ceremonies. Citlali had a limp when Fia met her, and all equestrian advice was to pass. But Fia was in love. Love is powerful. Fia seems to know, without instruction, how to connect with and offer trust to her equine kin and enjoys a very special bond with them. 

Mama-Krista is certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a Theater of the Oppressed Facilitator. She has trained as a Family Constellation Facilitator, a Reiki practitioner, craniosacral therapist, a birth keeper, and a death midwife. She has loved horses since childhood and now uses her training in trauma resolution, energy healing, and threshold states with the horses and humans. Once we are able to gather a small herd, we will begin to offer healing horse-constellations.

“Look," Peter said.
To the north was a series of vast grassy plains, and there, just looking like specks at first, was a herd of horses, a species that in Neverland had never been tamed. They were beautiful, flashes of brown and black and tan, their coats gleaming. There was no reason for them to be running that Tiger Lily could see. It was likely that they just loved to run.
"That's what I want my life to be," Peter said, staring down at the horses.
Tiger Lily sank against him and watched the herd, and thought that was what she wanted too.”

~ Jodi Lynn Anderson, Tiger Lily

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