You are what your grandmother ate.
~ unknown

Dear Hettie Quackers, Has living on a farm and connecting with the earth helped you understand the meaning of Easter? ~ Dawn This time last year I had a huge epiphany. As Easter was approaching I had been pondering the season and feeling rather uninspired. I didn’t feel like forcing myself into a false celebration […]

Hunt For Fertility

April 24, 2011

Ask Hettie Quackers Q: How do I celebrate Day of the Dead in a way that makes a difference? A: Hettie says, tell them about the altar…. and the Feast. Well, we here at Tierra Soul started building our Day of the Dead altar yesterday. I went down to the basement and brought out the […]

Ghosts at the Dinner Table

October 28, 2010

So, here we are on Easter morning . . . … with our forty-one eggs,┬áready to make our Quiche and crepes. Problem is that because they were collecting over time in our girls secret spot, we have no idea how old they are and if any of them are rotten! We could blow each one […]

Rotten Egg Test

April 5, 2010