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We all know you can’t live without money. It’s the yield we obtain from our labors. It’s the river. It feeds the whole system and makes everything grow. Money in permaculture is about enough. It’s not about giving up joy for the sake of of obtaining a yield, and it’s not about being so focused on joy that you don’t take care of how and where your money flows.

It is about being able to increase your capacity for generosity and gifting- it’s about contributing to the village. The permaculture way of money is about everyone having enough.

So many of us ignore money. It’s one of the most taboo subjects out there. You feel guilty if you have it and less-than if you don’t.

What do we make of these emotions – guilt and inadequacy?

Well, permaculture and Lazy-Lady Living teaches us to make use of edges. You see, the plants on the edge of a field actually fare the best. They are exposed to a much richer biodiversity than the plants in the center, where it’s same old, same old. The ones on the edge are actually hardier.

I’m here to tell you that…

your guilt and and feelings of inadequacy are your edges?

What if you responded to the opportunities they present rather than shrinking in shame?

It’s clear that if the people who had more than enough money practiced generosity more often, there would be more than enough for everyone. What if the people who feel small because they don’t have a lot of money, actually approached the problem in a small way?

Rather than wishing you were rich, why not simply take steps toward having enough.

This is the self-regulation and feedback in money permaculture that contributes to care of self and others. It’s about offering what you can to the village as you are, edges and all and knowing that it will be enough.

*note: Thanks to Emily Connell for her help in creating this series!

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