You are what your grandmother ate.
~ unknown

We have been busy researching and preparing a small line of natural skin and hair care products for farm-stayers and beyond. We have an amazing simple all purpose bar that is great to use as a shampoo bar. And we are busy considering deep conditioning options. As a holistic homesteading mama, I believe in harnessing […]

Make a Natural Hair Mask for Silky Shiny Hair

natural hair mask

June 24, 2023

For the last couple Summers we’ve been offering our farm-crafted/home-brewed Kefir Sodas for sale at the Magdalena Farmer’s Market. Many of our customers tell us that they find the soda healing and wonder how to make kefir soda themselves at home. We have managed to build up quite a store of kefir grains and are […]

Make Kefir Soda at Home

make kefir soda

November 21, 2021

Today is the time to celebrate not only the New Moon, but the Spring Equinox! As part of our Soup & Story series, we are having a simple ritual here at the farm led by Moona Cancino to celebrate the coming of Spring. Moona has been hangin’ out here at the farm for a few […]

Day 5 :: New Moon Equinox Ritual :: with garlicy carrot top recipe

March 20, 2015