Hi, I’m Krista. I help women, like you, get connected to the earth and yourself, until you feel supported by ancestors, land and cosmos.

How do I do that? By helping restore relationship to psyche, place and world through things like Indigenous permaculture, ancestral sacred and healing foods, Indigenous psychologies, lineage repair, trauma resolution, decolonization and liberation.

This is a space of community-based healing for artists, rebels and dreamers, mothers and children, earth and humankind…employing the power of ceremony, the beauty of art and the everyday sustenance of earth-medicine. Join me in walking this way into being. . . for yourself and for your ancestors, for your family and for your grandchildren’s children.

This is the work I was born to do. I have been gathering tools and treasures in my basket for over 20 years just for you. I have been working with people face to face and virtually for nearly 10 years and am here to invite you to come on in, explore and join in this sacred revolution!