The Farm-Stand is where we display our Tierra Soul products and services. We have carefully designed them to help you in your journey toward wellness & vitality, cultural creativity and connection. Let us know if you have any questions!



The Top 10 Supplement Eliminator

Would you love to return to Food as your main source of medicine? Find out what foods you can use to replace to top 10 supplements I recommend to my Nutritional Therapy clients. Even if you’re not currently taking supplements this  E-book will help you determine what foods might be helpful for your healing journey to vitality and optimal well-being. $29

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DIY Supplement Oracle badgeThe diy Supplement Oracle

We offer only the highest quality, synergistic, targeted and professional supplements on the market. The DIY Supplement Oracle (as we call it) is a quick and easy to use Nutritional Supplement figure-outer. No more wasting money on supplements that don’t make you feel better! Simple and affordable: $79

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seasonal cleanse badgeThe Seasonal Cleanse Kit

Everything you need to start and/or maintain a rhythm of seasonal cleansing. Gentle yet powerful detoxification and renewal. Cleanse your colon, heal your gut, purge your intestines, stimulate lymph, and attack free-radicals using a combination of simple traditional remedies and a few well placed supplements and herbal recipes. Includes lifetime seasonal group support: $597

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Nutritional Therapy badgeNutritional Therapy

aka Butter Alchemy ~ Comprehensive care including Digestive Support, Metabolic Healing, Detoxification, Healing Foods and Clearing Emotional Blocks. Nutritional Therapy can often help with even the most stubborn stucknesses. Along with it’s Detoxification Therapies, it restores nutrient stores that have been lost over generations due to declining use of traditional foods as well as the decrease in nutrient density of much of the food available to us. One-on-one support: $1,297

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