Why Coffee Enemas Work (2 in series of 5)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Krista. What about children? How do you free up the liver in children? Elizabeth

    • krista says:

      Hi Elizabeth!
      Coffee enemas are perfectly safe for kids – just make sure to keep the coffee in the sigmoid colon so they aren’t affected by the caffeine. You will want to use a smaller nozzle and use plenty of lubricant. Also start with 1/2 T in just a pint of water. Other, perhaps less invasive ways, are to offer kids lacto-fermented Beet Kvass and bitters. They aren’t usually very fond of these flavors so coffee enemas might actually be preferable.

      My kids have watched me to enemas for their whole lifetimes and at a certain point they are interested in trying it. I would start with yourself and do them without apology and explain how good they make you feel and then offer them one when you feel the time is right.

      If they say no, respect it and don’t push. You could offer to let them play with the equipment – I let my kids use it in the bath once in awhile (though not all that often cuz I have to clean it carefully before and after)… and then help you make the coffee or fill the bag. My little girl used to spray me with rose water while hanging out with me during my enemas.

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