Tierra Soul Scholarship, Training, and Micro-Loan Fund

The Tierra Soul Scholarship Fund

The Fund is filled little by little each time you click on, and pay for something from, any of the affiliate programs I am signed-up for. I only sign-up for products and services I know, use, and love…. and I give my earnings back to my community in these three ways:

  1. Scholarship Fund for people who can’t safely, and with integrity, afford our full course fees in the form of an honor system sliding scale.
  2. Trainings and Retreats so we can keep adding amazing tools to serve you better.
  3. International Micro-Loan Program through Kiva and supporting mothers around the world to have financial security for themselves and their families.

All earnings from affiliate partnerships are used these three areas.

Current Partners:

  • Powell’s City of Books
  • Heart of Business
  • The Nourished Metabolism
  • Kombucha Camp
  • Sherry Rothwell

You can find out more by signing up for our E-Zine below.



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