Family Obligations

4 things Steiner required when he agreed to build the first Waldorf School:

  1. That its teachers maintain freedom in their classrooms
  2. That it be co-ed and house children of all ages (1st – 12th grade) in one place
  3. That it be co-ed
  4. That it be open to any child.

This is true Waldorf education and we strive to uphold it.

In order to live up to these ideals we have made parent participation and contribution mandatory. Here is what we expect of parents at the One Room (un)Schoolhouse.

Parent Reading:

We ask parents to read Waldorf Education and the Plug-in Drug before their child starts school and 2 of the following by March 1 each year thereafter.

We ask that you write a summary and reaction paper for each book (2 pages total per book).

Lending copies of all books available through the school library.

Lazy-Lady Living Permaculture Course

We ask all families to complete the LLL Permaculture Design certificate.

NVC, Family Constellation & Diversity Trainings

We will hold trainings each quarter. Attendance is mandatory for parents in 3 of every 4 trainings offered – at no charge.

Time Contribution:

We will be raising money to fund the school by running a heart-centered business and we will need plenty of help. We have a number of ideas for future businesses. At the start we will focus on promoting Tierra Soul’s Lazy-Lady Living Permaculture course as we have pledged 100% of its profits to funding the school.

Non-Violent Knit Night

This will be a weekly or monthly handwork and NVC practice time for parents and faculty. Childcare will be provided.

Financial Contribution:

Each family is asked to contribute financially to the school only if they can. We believe that the honor system is the best way to preserve the dignity and autonomy of our community members. We will not ask for tax returns or proof of income.

Instead we will implement an anonymous tithing system though donations:

Ask yourself this question, What can I safely and with integrity offer?

We suggest 20% of your income after you have paid for all of your needs.

Another way to look at it is by dividing our operating budget (for the first year) in 8 (number of prospective students):  $39,240 / 8 = 4,905

This means that if each family contributed $4,905 ($408/month) we would be able to run our school. The truth is not every family will be able to safely contribute this amount and there are always extra unexpected expenses.

Each family will have to soulfully consult with their heart and make the offer that feels right to them. We ask you to look around and assess where you are relative to others, not just in our village, but in our global community.

We expect our budget to nearly double in our second year, but we also expect our enrollment to reach 16 (double), but we will also consider moving to an independent location.

We hope that our respect and trust will inspire heart-felt and generous contribution by all who can and that we will be able to support those who cannot without expecting increased contribution of any kind. We see that the flow of money in contemporary culture is far from fair and we expect to attract people committed to work that is not generally well compensated and whose contribution is vital and beautiful.

We will have a fund reserved for families in need and consider it a part of our sacred obligation to help each other. Balance needs to be restored and we hope you will feel honored to be a part of a movement innovating and implementing alternatives.

We also envision forming a fund to seed the start of other locations of (un)Schoolhouses.

This is our Village.

We must carry each other. If we don’t have this, what are we? ~ Anne Michaels

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