Soft Animal

great hall.001

Welcome to the Soft Animal Salon.

Come on in.

Let me hang your coat and take you by the hand into a our sacred soulful space, a world of radical authenticity, deep healing, mythological magic and cosmic creativity.

You made the right choice.

You are in the right place.

I am so happy to have found you.

Follow me…..

The first thing you need to know is that this, THE GREAT HALL, is where you will enter each time you visit the Salon. You are welcome anytime, in any mood, any inquiry. It is a magical reception area with everything you need to feel safe and comfortable in the Salon.

This is a sacred space where we receive and honor each other.

This is also the space where I offer my work to this special circle of women. You, who are committed to self-actualization and authenticity, compassion and truth telling.

All your courses are located in THE MENAGERIE and you can access courses you are enrolled in or browse all my offerings and add to your collection as you like.

From there you will want to head over to THE CAFÉ and sit for long hours with your tribe of women.


Yes, we have a café.

Head over to THE CAFÉ for a sip of tea and some sharing. Here we sip slowly, sing sweetly and invite the radical depths to be present with us. We also laugh and pray, imagine and invent. We let beauty transform our darkness into light, our wounds into gifts.


Augusto Boal referred to facilitation of Theater of the Oppressed (TO) programs and workshops as Joking. I was so stuck by that title that I decided to train as a TO facilitator and don the Joker hat for myself. The work around here is very serious, and in everything serious thing there must be play, and fun and laughter.

In that spirit, I will hold weekly JOKER HOURS in THE CAFÉ where you can come in and chat with me about whatever your heart desires.

If you need to contact me personally, or are having a technical glitch please feel free to sent me a note through THE POST. I love mail.


I will use your questions to keep you inspired with regular for-Salon-members-only SERMONS that will keep you inspired and progressing on your journey to wholeness. These will sometimes be pure inspiration, but more often they will be prompts, processes, tips and tools for going deeper.

Finally, I want to thank you. I want you to know how inspired I am by working with each and every one of you. Please take some time and receive my GRATITUDE.



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