Permaculture Design Certificate Sign-up

The Permaculture Design Course was developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren to teach principles and foundations of sustainable design. All PDC courses offered throughout the world must follow the same format (see course syllabus below) to assure that the integrity of certification process is upheld.

All graduates of the LLL PDC will be included in a referral list on our site so you can be found by prospective clients all around the world.

Universal PDC Course Syllabus

  • Principles of Natural Systems
  • Sustainable Design Methodologies
  • Patterns in Nature, Culture and Society
  • Reading the Land & Understanding Natural Processes
  • Large Scale Land Restoration Techniques
  • Water Harvesting Techniques
  • Design Principles of Sustainable Human Settlements
  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Natural Building Strategies
  • Cultivated & Productive Ecologies
  • Food Forests, Plant Guilds, Gardens for Self-Sufficiency
  • Energy Conservation Technologies
  • Appropriate Technologies and Renewable Energies
  • Urban Environment Permaculture
  • Wildlife Management and Biological Pest Control
  • Land Arts and Community Activism
  • Invisible Structures: EcoVillages & Credit Unions
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Strategies for an Alternative Nation
  • and a Design Project

Don’t worry though, we cover all these things in Lazy-Lady Living (and more) so you will complete the requirements for the Permaculture Design Certificate if you complete the LLL program. If you decide to pursue this option you will receive a special Tierra Soul / LLL Permaculture Design Certificate.

Details about receiving your Permaculture Design Certificate

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) is not included with the LLL course, as stated in the course description. The cost to add it on to your course is $399. In order to earn your PDC you will have to complete all assignments in the course, book reviews for books assigned the course as well as the turn in the design project that is assigned for review within one year of your PDC registration. If you need extra time you can renew for a year.

In some cases we will request that you do additional reading/assignments to make sure you have a grasp on all the basics of Permaculture.

The course covers everything included in the PDC and the extra fee is for our team to review all your assignments and final design project.


Q. Is it possible to enroll for the PDC later or must it be immediately after I sign up?

A. No, You do not need to decide right away. You can sign-up anytime and have one year to complete all your work.

Q. What do I need a PDC for?

A. No one needs a PDC. However, if you are interested in offering your services in Permaculture Design (either agricultural or cultural) you might like to have that credential. Check out this article: 10 things you can you with a PDC

Go ahead and add your PDC!

Once you complete your payment you will have access to the PDC link in the courses section. That is where you can see the instructions for completing and uploading your PDC assignments.

Tierra Soul PDC: $399



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