Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions, if you aren’t finding your Question (or answer) here please feel free to contact us at: farmschoolsupport@tierrasoul.com.

We’re here to help!

I tried to login and said that I had reached my daily login limit, now what?

Did you try to use a different device? The course is designed for each person to do the program on one device only. If you tried on the same  device, please contact us at: farmschoolsupport@tierrasoul.com so we can reset your membership.

I’m still having trouble accessing the materials/logging in, help! 

Make sure that firefox is set as your browser, as the course content isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer.

You might also want to try clearing your browser cache. When the cache gets clogged, it can cause some wonkiness with login attempts and downloads. The cache (or temporary internet files) can be cleared here: 

  • ¥ Firefox Tools –> Clear recent history

Are we supposed to post our homework questions in the weekly comments or just do them on our own?

That is up to you. There is no requirement to post in the cimments. There is also no requirement that you even do the assignments. (Unless you are taking the PDC course, in which case there will be a private way to turn in your required assignment). We are not checking them. All assignments are purely to help you apply and integrate the modules. That said, there is often great discussion when people post their homework answers in the weekly comments.

Any ideas on where to buy the books?

We’ve had good luck finding most books on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, of course if that doesn’t work of you, don’t discount a good old google search, many of the books are available as e-books for free, or at a discounted rate. http://www.abebooks.com/ is also a great resource!

I’m not able to save the answers on worksheets, what am I doing wrong? 

Are you downloading the worksheet to your computer BEFORE you are entering information? Make sure you are downloading and save the worksheet to your computer before you open and start to edit.

Is your version of Adobe Reader update? You’ll need the most recent version of Adobe Reader to be able to save changes to the worksheet. Try downloading the latest version for free here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/

How do I download the LLL Workbook?

To download you’ll want to move your cursor over the worksheet logo- BUT DO NOT CLICK ON THE WORKSHEET- just hover over it. Then right click to get the download menu (or Control + Right Click if you are on a Mac). Depending on what browser you are using, you’ll see an option that says download linked file to desktop or download linked file as– (or something similar) either of those options will work.




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