Choose and Draw a Site Plan

Site Plan

Choose and Draw a Site Plan

  1. Take a few minutes or a few days to think about what “site” you will use during this course. It can be big or small, your backyard or the back 40. You can also choose a social project, like your business, or music project. Big or small, inside or outside. Your kitchen or your closet, your 100 acre farm or your condo balcony. It can also be a social space, like you family or marriage, your workplace or spiritual community. Also, don’t worry about making the “right” decision. You can change your mind at any time. We just want to get you thinking about sites and what you want to work on for this course.
  2. Draw a site plan. This doesn’t have to be fancy or super detailed – just a representation of your chosen site. You will add to and evolve this representation (probably a drawing to start with) as we go through the course. Below are a few examples of site plans. Don’t get too picky… just get something down!
  3. Post your description and an image of your site in the comments below. Remember this is just a starting place, the rougher and freer the better. This is a sketch!


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  1. Krista Arias says:

    yay! These look great…. If anyone is having any trouble at all please feel free to reach out for support.

  2. Martha Apaza says:

    Here’s mine

  3. Jennifer Reiter says:

    Here is my site plan.

  4. Emily Connell says:

    I hope this is clear enough to see…this is my extra rough site plan…think I actually have more green space between the concrete path and garden beds, but here’s my off -the- cuff version


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