Winter Time and Places without Porches

FPR week 3 lesson 2

 Photo Credit: The lovely Ashley Paquin of White Bird Wellness

What if you don’t have a front porch?

Before we get too crazy about front porches, we need to take moment and take care of all of you who don’t actually have front porches… and don’t you worry, if you do have a front porch this lesson will only inspire your front porch revolution even more. And if you’re like me you are wondering what to do when the rains and snows come rolling in.
What can you do to create a front porch space if you don’t even a scrap of land to make a pseudo front porch? Well, never fear, we have some suggestions.

Two things:

1.    Bring nature inside.
2.    Take technology out.

10 ways to bring nature inside:

1.    Flowers…. oldie but goodie
2.    Take your shoes off inside and feel the textures of your space with your toes.
3.    Open a window and let in some fresh air.
4.    Light a fire or candles.
5.    Get some house plants – plant an indoor herb garden.
6.    Sit on the floor more.
7.    Get a pet.
8.    Play a primitive instrument – drum, flute, sing….
9.    Tell stories instead of reading at least sometimes.
10.    Make a seasonal nature table / altar.

Tech Shabbat – take technology out:

Unplug for at least 24 hours each week. Traditionally, this happened at sundown on Friday and lasted until sundown on Saturday. No technology, phones or other electronics, lights or work of any kind. We learned this from a couple of farm-stayers at Tierra Soul. Really you can decide how strict to be with yourself. The point is to designate some time regularly where you disconnect from technology and connect with yourself, your family and your community.

What if someone needs to call you? Put a message on your phone telling people you are on Tech Shabbat and to come over if they really need you. What if you need to see at night? Get a candle powered lantern.

Create space for stillness, solitude & creativity:

Make a stash of materials for creativity like paper, pens, colored pencils. Designate one area of your house for rest and relaxation, for dreaming. Make it comfortable and beautiful and well…. kinda purposeless. You want your space to allow for stillness and dreaming, for the bubbling up of inspiration and creativity.

Your Assignment for Week 3, Lesson 2:

1.    Choose 3 ways to bring nature into your home or office.
2.    Choose a day for Tech Shabbat. Write out your rules and share in the Facebook Group.

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