The Front Porch Manifesto

FPR week 1 lesson 2

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Nobody thought much about the front porch when most Americans had them and used them.
The great American front porch was just there, open and sociable, an unassigned part of the house
that belonged to everyone and no one, a place for family and friends to pass the time.
~ Rochlin, Home, Sweet Home

Contemporary cultural values, that emerged and evolved under the sign of industrial civilization,

have become guiding principles for living around the world. Speed has become our test of virtue and the Fast Life has trapped us all in it’s spin throwing our habits into confusion, assailing us even at home. Our town squares are obselete and our homes left vacant while we pour our souls into commodity and consumerism. We have confused security and ownership, abundance with happiness and fulfillment with work. *

However, we can choose to regain wisdom and free ourselve….

from the speed that threatens our sanity. We can choose to defend quiet material pleasure over the universal problems of the Fast Life. Against those who are much more numerous, who mistake frenzy for efficiency, we propose a vaccine of proper sensual pleasure practiced with slow and lasting delight. We begin right at the threshold of home with the front porch lunch table with the savoring of slow living and communal pleasure. *

From our front porch we can be in nature and interface with the cherished interior. A holler for Papa or a quick trip to get red thread. The front porch is an outdoor living room, a hearth and hub. Unlike the Kitchen or the Den, the front porch is genderless. On the front porch you can drop your daily cares and required roles.

Come out of the family room,

away from the television and the video games and back to the front porch where you will feel the elements and be inspired by stories and songs, contemplation, creative projects and partake of sensual pleasure. A kiss on the porch swing, a tall glass of lemonade, a magical epiphany, a mystical conversation, a sweet negotiation… It’s all there waiting for you.

Join the Front Porch Revolution…

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What Now? It’s your turn….

First watch this for inspirtation: Living without economic growth….

Your Assignment for Week 1, Lesson Two:

Write your own Manifesto, the one for your unique space and place. Take a few minutes and free write your responses to the following questions:

  1. Your Current Sucky Situation:
  2. Your Highest Intentions:
  3. Your Deepest Heart-Centered Motives:
  4. Your Dearly Held Views:
  5. Your Call to Action/Change You Wish to Create:

Now put them all together into a cohesive whole. Read it to someone, tweak and edit it. Then when you’re pretty happy with it pick out the most inspiring bits to form a whole lovely manifesto for yourself and/or your family and community.

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* Paraphrased from the SLOW Food Manifesto,

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