Rest, Craft and Cultural Creativity

FPR week 4 lesson 1

 Photo Credit: The lovely Ashley Paquin of White Bird Wellness

Creativity is your birthright.

Whether you know it or not, you are participating in the creation of your life, of the world and of the cosmos. Whether you write poetry or craft social enterprises when you do it in concert with the Divine (whatever that means to you) you open ourselves to a whole new level of creation and inspiration.

Even if you are feeling disconnected.

or totally bummed out by your situation, you can access a wellspring of guidance and abundance. At the end of every bummer is a trap door into the miraculous. At the culmination of every nervous breakdown is a breakthrough and then a vista, a clearing of peace and clarity.

But how do you harness the energy of pain instead of wallowing?

That is the question isn’t it? How do you get started if you are in the pits of overwhelm to start living in the miraculous? How do you carve out the space and time so that you have room for magic and spontaneity?

What if you had one tool that could fit in your back pocket and transform any space any time into your very own front porch?

Well, I am excited to introduce you to Stephanie St. Claire.

Stephanie is a writer, intuitive guidance counselor, and the creator of BLISSBOMBED. She specializes in life reinvention and spiritual alignment using law of attraction principles. Stephanie splits her time between New York and Los Angeles writing, speaking, and coaching private clients. She’s the mother of 3 children, an avid reader, photographer, and a wine enthusiast.

Here is what Stephanie has to say:

To learn more about Stephanie and her work, visit BLISSBOMBED and Apartment 13.

Here is the link to Dr Joe Dispenza and also to Mark Silver’s Remembrance.

Your Assignment for Week 4, Lesson 1:

  1. List 3 activities that inspire and nourish your soul.
  2. What kind of boundary do you need to protect your time and space to do these things every day?
  3. Create a Front porch Pinterest board with 10 pins that reflect your creative front porch vision and share it in the Facebook Group. Add the hashtag #frontporchrevolution. Having so much fun? Wanna pin for our group Pinterest Board? We need YOU. Just let us know!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in our Facebook Group and/or Pinterest Board!

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