Filling the Void

Filling the Void

 Photo Credit: The lovely Ashley Paquin of White Bird Wellness

So, your front porch is all set up.

It’s beautiful and ready. But what do you do out there?

It is true that at first there might be a void to fill. If you’re like most of us, you may have neglected the porch for so long you may need a few warm up ideas for getting yourself out there and not just heading back in for fear of the void!

Here is a little list we came up with to get you started:


I have three chairs… one for solitude, two for friendship, and three for society. – Henry David Thoreau

The front porch is a great place for romance (try setting up a love note corner), friendship (keep up the invitations) and for community (commit to have one party each season and make sure the front porch is inviting).

Tell stories on the front porch. Don’t know any stories? Try this exercise:

  1. Be still with your body
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Ask the story faeries to send you a story
  4. Wait for it….
  5. Tell it however it comes out. Don’t edit.
  6. Start with your kids or close friends and once you witness the magic you will find plenty of audiences.


Play games: solitaire, go fish, charades, scrabble, mancala, string games, clapping games….

Learn to play some music: fiddle, singing, recorder, drum, spoken word…. do a youtube search for basic lessons.

Eat together on the front porch. You don’t have to do anything special (though you can), just the act of serving the food outside will work its magic.


The front porch is perfect for quiet contemplative crafts: knitting & crochet, journaling, writing and reciting, poetry, embroidery,

Reading, and looking at inspiring images…..


Now watch this for inspiration:

Your Assignment for Week 4, Lesson 2:

  1. Do at least one of the exercises listed…
  2. Dream up a new one and tell us about it on the Facebook Group

Don’t for get to share your thoughts in our Facebook Group and/or Pinterest Board!

*Special Note:

The next lesson will be our last of the original Front Porch Revolution lessons. We will be talking about the inherent art of living and the beauty of laziness, or as we call it, Lazy-Lady Living.

And, don’t worry, we won’t be abandoning you. We are having so much fun we just can’t stop now, so you will be hearing more front porch inspiration in the weeks to come. You will also continue to receive updates, specials and insider information we only send out in our emails….


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