Community and the Wisdom of the Elements

FPR week 3 lesson 1

 Photo Credit: The lovely Ashley Paquin of White Bird Wellness

Welcome to Week 3 of the Front Porch Revolution

This week we are moving on a little and talking about the front porch as a liminal space between inside and outside. One where we are sheltered, but can also feel, smell and see the elements of nature.

I have been working on my front porch a lot since starting this project and it is really quite amazing what I have experienced. I seem to have more stamina as well as a better ability to pace myself and take breaks more often. When I am huddled up in my office I can sometimes go hours without a break whereas outside the elements call to me. Maybe it gets too hot, or cold, or maybe I need to adjust the curtains to let more (or less) light in.

What if connecting to the elements is more than just symbolic?

What if being in nature even for just a little while is invigorating, grounding and settling. What if getting out to the front porch during times of overwhelm could not just help you calm down, but get a grip on the too-many-things running around in your head and know exactly which on to get started on and which to leave for later?

Ya, wouldn’t that be great!

Well, meet Sherry Rothwell….

Sherry is a mompreneur coach, nutritionist and childbirth educator. I have gotten to know Sherry and her work over the last year and she has some really unique and inspiring stuff to share. Sherry LOVEs authentic marketing, soulful copywriting and business strategizing with fellow healing arts practitioners. She especially likes working with holistic nutritionists, multi faceted yoginis, doulas, midwives and other women who make the world more beautiful. Sherry is an amazing firecracker of innovation and compassion.

Let’s see what she has to say!

You can learn more about Sherry’s work at her site

Your Assignment for Week 3, Lesson 1:

  1. What elements are you exposed to on your front porch? What do those elements teach you?
  2. Choose a calendar and color code in the moon cycles (you might also want to include Mercury Retrograde)
  3. Choose 5 things, people or obligations that drain your energy and post your plan of how to drop them to the Facebook Group.
  4. Practice stillness during overwhelm at least once and post your experience to the Facebook Group.

Don’t for get to share your thoughts in our Facebook Group and/or Pinterest Board!

Are you enjoying the Revolution so far?

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