Ceremony comes from the earth . . . 

It is not a performance,
or a set of random protocols.

It is an enactment . . .
a listening
a poem.

So often, unions are more theatrical then ceremonial,
baby and mama blessings are sappy,
and funerals rushed and dissociated.

Ceremony that comes from body and earth
is inspiring and edifying, 
creative, generative, and emergent.

But how do you make a ceremony?

If you're like so many people in today's fragmented world,
you’ve probably been to a baby blessing that felt forced,
a wedding that was referred to as "bad theater,"
planned a coming of age ceremony that just didn't work,
or a funeral that left everyone
feeling more empty than before.

You know something is missing from the ceremony "recipe"
but have no idea where to turn without 
appropriating another culture's ceremonies 
or buying into the inherited vacuous ceremonies of the past.

Maybe you've tried ignoring your conscience
and "borrowed" from Native traditions,
or maybe you've tried to make something up completely from scratch
and it turned out more like a 4th of July party than a ceremony.

Whatever it is, you've tried . . .
and you can't shake the feeling that you need to find a way.

You've tried so many things . . .

I remember planning my wedding . . . I had hardly been to any weddings so I didn't have a huge expectation of anything fancy or conventional, but when I looked around I also didn't see many examples of wedding ceremonies that inspired me. I began to dig deeper into my own psyche and delved into the dream-world to create something very different. It was part silent sombre community contemplation and part celebratory feasting. It was serious. It was magical. It was a couple-making ceremony. In the end, as my partner and I unfolded ourselves from the experience, I realized that coming out of the ceremony, I felt married. I felt re-created in a way, more than I was before. This is what I can help you discover and create for yourself... 

A similar thing happened when I had my first child. Instead of throw a baby-shower, or hire a doula, I dug deep again and accessed my own soft animal self. That birth ended up being an initiation into my apprenticeship with birth and also with death. I have been learning and training in traditional birth and death practices for many years now. What I have learned now supports my family in all our rites of passage from birthdays to menarche, harvest and seasonal celebrations.

It's a horrible feeling to look around and not see anything reflected back. Ceremonies are important. They aren't just markers of events. They are enactments. They are creative and visionary. Right relationship to ceremony is your birthright . . . 

I know how it feels . . .

You don’t have to just live with it.

You don’t have to do it alone.

There is another way . . .

What if I told you . . .

I created Threshold Activism so that those who have lost connection to authentic ceremony.

So that you can begin to re-member ceremony as a reguler part of life. 

I created it for you . . .
for us . . .
for world . . .

That's why I created Threshold Activism

To begin with I will give you immediate access to my Soft Animal e-Course which will give you a foundation for the Myth Mending sessions we will do together to find and anchor the ceremonial symbols and elements for your ceremony. 

Then we will arrange a first organizational meeting to listen to dreams, set intentions and consider any concerns, obstacles or conflicts you may be facing. From this point we will alternate between Myth Mending sessions and organizational sessions as your ceremony begins to speak to you through your body, psyche, dreams and the earth.

We end with a final organizational session and you walk away with a vision, a plan, and a set of steps to complete your ceremony. If you need additional sessions we can work that out and I can also attend your ceremony if you like.

What to Expect

Threshold Activism is for anyone who:
• wants to create a ceremony that is truly transformational.
• wants an authentic ceremony without misappropriation of other cultures.
• wants to apply myth mending to the outer world
• wants connection with, and support from, the earth and her creatures in creating ceremony.
• are open to the unknown and humble arising of soul . . .

Ceremony is so often done badly, it's true. There aren't many good honest resources - that is also true. But, no matter how hopeless you may feel about marking your baby's birth, your daughter's menarche or your father's funeral, I promise you there is a way to create something meaningful, magical, simple, healing, and transformational - a ceremony that reflects the gesture you are making, that enacts it, that makes it so.

You can do it!

Who Threshold Activism is for . . .