Teach Your Daughters Wailing :: the power of mourning women

  1. Trish says:

    This still resonates with me. Almost a year later I am reading and sharing and reminding myself and others to embrace grief.

  2. krista says:

    Yes, we are beginning to remember… but putting on a happy face is so ingrained in us – even if we aren’t able to do it, we somehow feel like failures instead of the pioneering and healing forces we truly are. I plan to change that, at least in my little circle! Thanks for swinging by and taking the time to read and share. It means so much.

  3. Trish says:

    This is beautifully put. I’ve shared this on Facebook and with some of my patients. There is plenty of sadness and grief and I have never understood why it’s not acceptable to express. In everyday life, watching the news, reading the news, we are bombarded with sad, traumatic, violent bits of information, but rarely do we allow ourselves time to feel what we’ve just learned. We are becoming a desensitized society.
    As a Mother, I will be sure to encourage my daughter to feel grief, remind my self to express it when I feel it.
    Thank You for sharing this Krista.

  4. Mary Vuich says:

    I must of shed a thousand tears on Wednesday, I will say that it was a sad day. No big matter just my own sensitivity. I once read that crying is medically therapeutic because something in the tears is released from the body. Stuffing my emotions is no longer my choice. Grief is a part of life itself, we need to probably embrace it and also be there for each other.

    • krista says:

      Wednesday was kind of a threshold day…. the day of release into the last few days of deepest darkness before the turning of Solstice time. The worst part is keeping the flow back. Once you surrender to grief it always holds power and beauty…. May you, and all, be blessed with many tears.

  5. Janine says:

    Thanks for this. Just got hit by a wave of grief and was feeling annoyed because it is Christmas and happy time and I should not be sad… but there is much to mourn and it is good to be reminded that sadness is OK.

    • krista says:

      more than OK…. good, healing, needed. Mourning is a skill to be revered. There is so much pressure to be happy right now precisely because there is such an organic pull to grieving at this time. Maybe that’s why so many people are last minute Christmas shoppers – feeling the pull inward until Solstice morn and then able to open again and move outward toward others with generosity.

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