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Imagine depleted soil in a land parched from a long draught. There might even be a few things growing but nothing is flourishing.

A tumbleweed rolls by, carried in the wind.

When one part of a whole is lost, the whole eco-system suffers. Whether its in your body or a particular area of  life, healing is the work to recover and bring back the lost pieces. It’s about soothing the system long enough for integration to happen.

Recover the land of your life so it becomes fertile again.

What if our tears were the rainwater to our parched lives? What if our trauma was the thing we desperately needed in order to really thrive? In our culture, traumas big and small often go unrecognized. It is rare to see a place for them in our daily lives.

They gradually drain the joy from our lives without us realizing it, until we’re brittle, broken, confused and in pain. But what if trauma and grief were allowed to be there?

What if it was ok to not be ok?

In permaculture, we learn that there is a place for everything.

The same principles apply to our own healing. Rather than cut ourselves off from trauma and grief, we can use it as a pathway to wholeness. It  puts us in touch with our own ability to heal ourselves and others. It connects us to our innate knowing, our Soft Animal within.

What would happen if this healing extended beyond the therapists office and into the village?

If our tears could be received by everyone?

Like plants who experience a little draught or wind or resistance, we need to remember how to negotiating the trauma in life so that we grow to be resilient. Trauma doesn’t have to break us if we allow it and begin to recover our organismic ability to heal it.

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Intrigued? Wanna learn more?

There is a whole week in our Lazy-Lady Living program devoted to the topic of trauma resolution and lineage repair. Click the image below to read all about it:


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