Ghosts at the Dinner Table

  1. Gabriela says:

    In my country we have never really made it to that pumpkins-masks circus (although it’s changing) as it is known in the USA, but we have a tradition (which is originally from celtic Samhain, later adopted by Catholic church and in these days absolutelly secular) to go to a cemetery, where members of your family are burried and ligt some candles for them.
    In these days are cemeteries just amazingly beautiful as in that grey weather and dark afternoons are they just shining of ‘living lights’ and are full of flowers and so on… 🙂

    • krista says:

      What an enchanting image this evokes. I like the idea of sending light back to them as healing as well as sending back what is not ours – a kind of boundary. Really it is the same thing I suppose. Thank you for sharing. We will carry this spirit into our celebration.

      What do you do now? What will you do this season? We would love to hear….

  2. Belinda says:

    Awesome idea! I am super drawn to alters and traditional nature celebrations as in the Celts etc… I love this idea!

  3. Robin says:

    As usual, Krista, your lessons help me to think “outside of the box” of my day to day. It is so helpful for me to begin living a more authentic life. Thank You.

    • krista says:

      @Robin: Have you made a small altar space? Who do you plan to invite this year? This post was actually from a couple years ago. This year I am inviting my paternal grandmother – whom I have never met and don’t even know her name. I think the break in lineage (from not knowing my father) comes from her being an unwed mother (though nothing is certain) herself. I am not sure yet how I will give it back to her, but have scheduled a Myth Mending session for myself do delve in a bit and see!

  4. Jeanne says:

    i agree! this is an awesome post! fresh ideas so well presented. i usually roll my eyes at anything i perceive as woo-woo. but the way you present other-than-mainstream ideas makes me want to embrace your suggestions! brava, krista!


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