Natural Fertility

You are what your grandmother ate. ~ Anonymous

Natural Fertility
Do you dream of getting, or staying, pregnant with awareness and peace… naturally?

You want to relax into the process of conceiving. You want to be open without inviting all the advice and judgment it seems to evoke in those around you. You want your journey into motherhood to be a catalyst that reconnects you to your self, your partner, your body and the earth. You know infertility is on the rise, and want to know how to beat the odds, with peace and maybe even a little magic. You want to recover your natural fertility.
You’ve been trying to conceive or stay pregnant for awhile now.

Or maybe you have had no problem getting pregnant, but have had difficulty maintaining a pregnancy. Perhaps, you are just getting older and don’t want to waste any time. Or maybe you recently had a baby and, knowing how much pregnancy requires of your body, want to start preparing now for your next pregnancy. In any case, you want to be in the very best possible health and you want to find that natural fertility for the conception of your next baby…. or creative project.
You’ve probably read a couple books about natural fertility, nutrition and charting your cycle.

You may have heard advice about Calcium Magnesium, Zinc, Chaste Berry and relaxation. Perhaps you’ve considered or even tried some conventional medical fertility treatments and they either didn’t work or you just couldn’t bring yourself to intervene in the process. Or maybe you’ve done nothing because you know trying is counter-productive.
But so far, nothing has worked.

You are dealing with feelings of collapse and hopelessness. Even if you want to surrender, you can’t quite shake that feeling that it might be your fault somehow, that maybe there’s something you can do. But what? It just doesn’t seem fair.
Sometimes the standard solutions do work for people, but often they don’t.

The problem is that they are based on general statistics and don’t take individuals into consideration. They rarely consider the whole person and almost never work with BOTH individuals in the couple. Even solutions that do consider the whole person to some degree, almost never account for deep emotional wounds that are often at root in stubborn cases of infertility, and when mended allows for a level of awareness and peace to converge in a truly conscious conception and birth.
I came to motherhood late.

I remember the feeling after trying to get pregnant for a few months. I felt a horrible wave of terror that maybe I was infertile, and despite my feminist upbringing and intellectual knowing, I was struck with a sense that I was somehow less of a woman if I couldn’t have children. My lifetime dream of having a family was being dashed, and after I had waited so long and finally found him, my beloved partner. Though, I did get pregnant shortly thereafter, my despair was real. Mixed in with the relief and gratitude, I also felt a immense sense of compassion for women who struggle with infertility.

I had seen through a tiny window into the pain and despair it can so easily trigger. If I could have felt such grief in a single month of struggle, I could only imagine the conflict and stress of a prolonged dance with the infertility ghost.

It wasn’t until I had my baby that I really faced the initiation of motherhood head on and really got serious about finding a solution to the deepest pain and sorrow I had ever felt. My desperate search began, into my own depths, into the world of knowledge, of tradition and of intuition. And I discovered some really cool stuff.
That’s why I created a special program recovering Natural Fertility:

During my search, I discovered Traditional Foods and began teaching myself the ways of the ancestors. I made a final peace with Butter and began sharing it with my family, and ultimately my community. Along the way, I also began recovering my own Soft Animal instinctual self, resolving some old wounds, and I started feeling better than ever before! My world deepened and opened and finally made sense.
Results and Benefits of Full Moon Fertility:

A sense of peace with your fertility
Increased well being, vitality and libido
Increased connection with your partner
Clarity and evolution of your dreams and ideals
Your own personal medicine bag of tools and tricks for decreasing stress
Increased inner strength, presence and the resilience.

What to Expect:

My training as Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (I call myself a Butter Alchemist) gives me the tools to evaluate you and your partner’s bio-individuality, particular nutrient deficiencies as well as strengths in order to create an individually tailored nutritional protocol that is much more foundational that treating symptoms ~like infertility. When deep harmony is invited, established and maintained, the result is vibrant Health: Energy, Peace, Positivity, Mental Clarity, and Absence of Pain…. and of course ~ rich fertility.

On top of that, I will also spend significant time with you identifying and clarifying your (both you and your partner’s) intentions in having a baby. This allows us to delve more deeply into the psychic dimensions of fertility and create the space for conscious conception in awareness and joy. Trusting the wisdom of the body, we will track your story with healing awareness and specific innovative tools for re-imprinting traumatic experience that is blocking the fulfillment of your precious intention. I call it Myth Mending. My training in Philosophical Counseling, Myth, Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy and Midwifery converge in my magic mama medicine bag making me uniquely qualified to facilitate life opening transformation in a gentle and efficient process.
Stages of the Process:

Taking stock: in depth evaluation of nutritional status and clarification of intentions and ideals
Building the foundation: digestion, blood sugar handling, detoxification and diet
Remembering and resolving: your own gestation and birth as it emerges in the context of your ideals and intentions
Healing: emotional blocks to fertility
Target areas: endocrine system, adrenals
Reaching momentum: and a fulfilling culinary rhythm
Fine tuning: using the DIY Supplement Oracle and the Fine Tuning Mini Quiz

You can do it!
Even if you are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged now, I promise there is another way.

I have spent hours of my precious time and dreaming to carefully craft a series of packages that include all the essential ingredients and simple you-friendly protocols while also dispelling myths that can cloud the process. Full Moon Fertility is designed to efficiently get to the root of the problem. With the magic of Butter on our side, I know we can move mountains. I just know it.
Who Full Moon Fertility is for:

Couples who want to consciously conceive a child sometime in the next 2 years
Couples struggling with infertility
Mothers and Fathers who have children and want to build nutrient stores for creative endeavors, well being or a future pregnancy

Who Full Moon Fertility is NOT for:

Vegans and strict Vegetarians: All healthy Traditional people ate animal foods high in fat especially during their reproductive years. It’s simple: I want my clients to be successful.
Single people: It’s just not my niche. I am really committed to working with both partners who are contributing to the physiological conception of the baby.
One half of a couple: My specialty is working with partners to achieve deep conscious conception, together.

GET STARTED recovering your Natural Fertility:
Your Investment:

There are 3 ways to do Full-Moon Fertility, the Bare Minimum, the Happy Medium, the Please Hold My Hand packages. All packages can be done live in Portland Oregon, or virtually via Skype and each have a Pay Now as well a as a Payment Plan option.

Nervous about making a commitment? I get it. Read my Guarantee.

Also, I have created a small course, Soft Animal DIY, that is a prerequisite for doing any of my programs that include Myth Mending. If you haven’t already done it you can get a 20% discount by purchasing it as part of on of the following packages:
Bare Minimum package, $495:

20% off Soft Animal DIY (which is a prerequisite for all Mama Myth Mending work)
2 Computer generated Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Tests and comprehensive Reports, one for each partner
Supplement recommendations and ordering instructions (Does not include cost of supplements)
The DIY Supplement Oracle, 300 question Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and The Top Ten Supplement Eliminator
Two Myth Mending sessions, one for each partner (or two together)
10% discount on Touch the Earth Birth if you want to continue working together after you are pregnant.

Happy Medium package, $997

Includes everything in the Bare Minimum package PLUS:

Personal Review and Tweaking of the computer generated results & reports
Two one hour consultations (face to face or via Skype) about your Nutritional Therapy programs
All necessary behind the scenes preparation to create tailored sessions and individual programs.
Two additional Myth Mending sessions to really get at the emotional roots of your fertility and family vision
Priority email access and support (you’ll get into my special secret inbox) for 1 full month.

Please Hold My Hand package, $2,597

Includes everything in the Happy Medium package PLUS:

Six additional Myth Mending Sessions over 6 months
Two additional Hair Tests (after 3 months) with personal review and tweaking
Weekly 30 minute check-in meetings for the first 4 weeks, then meetings every 2 weeks for 12 more weeks
Two one hour consultations after your second Hair Test to assess your progress and hints for going deeper in the next phase
Priority email access and support (you’ll get into my special secret inbox) for 6 full months.
20% discount in the Tierra Soul Farm-Stand

ADD Folklore Foods DIY to any package for $100

That’s $25 off the regular price!

Here’s what one future mama said:
I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. I didn’t have to do a lot of strenuous exercises or exhausting work to feel good and renewed for the rest of the day. I also felt calm and peaceful and relaxed. Before I worked with Krista, I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I realize what a profound and amazing tool somatic healing is. It brought immediate and I’m sure, long-lasting calm and peace to an anxious and worried heart. It allowed me to do what I’m always striving to do, live in the moment without grasping to the “future” and carrying unnecessary worry around with me. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that i am where i need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. I’ve been excited to share my experience with people. I hope that everyone will be able to experience somatic healing in their life.
Thank you thank you thank you!! Krista is truly amazing. Not only has she opened my eyes to new ways to nourish my body through food, she is also an incredible healer. Who knew that we can release trauma in such an amazing way! Her work is revolutionary and groundbreaking and reminding me just how amazing humans truly are!
~ Abra Ann Stolte ~ Future mama, Daughter

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