Personal Myth Mending

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi

You know you have a calling, the thing your destiny requires of you. Perhaps it is a way of birthing your baby, a sacred union of souls, perhaps a shift in vocation or a significant move or journey, or the death of a loved one. Sometimes clues can be found in the strangest of places. The very things that seem to hold us back, when mined carefully and with presence, are often the very things that instruct, edify and deepen our sense of belonging in the world. Bring your ambivalence, your stuck places, your secret visions of yourself. Weaving together many philosophies of transformation rooted in body and earth, I invite you to trust your inner healer to emerge and guide the process as I act as facilitator and witness.

Sometimes wholesome food, good medicine and natural healing are well complimented by careful and guided reflection and storytelling. As a student of Somatic Experiencing, a trained Philosopher, Astrologer and Story Listener, ordained minister, spiritual seeker and world traveler, I can help introduce you to, and guide you through, a labyrinth of ideas and ideals, rites, rituals, stories and perennial questions that make up some of the philosophical and spiritual traditions of the world. Sometimes this is just a part of the other things I do, but sometimes during a particularly difficult transition, challenging transformation, or profound shift in vocation, family, friendships, or social identity, individuals may benefit from focused contemplation. Our work together will draw on many modalities based on the fundamental wholeness of the psyche, the beauty of becoming, the value of all emotions, and basic human goodness.



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