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Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.  ~ Rumi

Do you Dream of finding the freedom to be more and more yourself . . . .

Yes, you would pursue your dreams and live your highest destiny. You would be present in your life, with your kids, your partner and colleagues. If you could really get to the deepest truest story of your self and life, the one that transcends good and bad, strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy…. then you could really be free.

You know you would unlock your frozen heart if you just had the key.

Maybe you’re pretty open emotionally, but feel terrorized by your own sensitivity. Perhaps you are someone who just has a passion for growing and stepping deeper and deeper into self-actualization and you know there are places that the best therapy, the most profound bodywork and the purest spiritual intention just can quite melt.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried will power and self-help books. Maybe you’ve even gone to therapy for a stint, or for years. You may have spent a bundle on life coaching. Yes, you’ve tried so many things and while many of them have helped, you still feel like you have to use a whole lot of energy to stay on the path.

Sheesh, I know how it feels.

I mean really, I’ve been there! I have been in some sort of therapy for most of my adult life and some of it has really helped me. I have spent thousands of dollars on the gamut of self-help from books to retreats to “coaching.” Finally after the traumatic birth of my first child and during my second pregnancy I delved deeper than I ever, searched far and wide and listened closely for signs. I had to find something to make this next birth different, to heal what had happened in my first birth. I had to get to what lay even deeper at the root of that experience.

That is why I developed Myth Mending.

My healing began when I found Birthing From Within and was reminded of the power of myth in real life struggles. I drew on my academic studies of philosophy, poetry and myth to understand the inner alchemical process that was occurring. My healing deepened when I discovered Traditional & Healing Foods, Craniosacral Therapy and pursued permaculture and midwifery studies, but it wasn’t until I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my second child that I really got motivated!

I followed a lead that ultimately led me to train as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. During my second pregnancy, I used Somatic Experiencing to prepare for the birth of my son. It made all the difference. I was prepared and ready for the birth of my son, and while it wasn’t any easier that my first birth, I came through it without getting sucked into a pit of trauma and self-blame.  It was elemental, cosmic and crazy, and I did it!

I continued on to develop Myth Mending and use it to get through my obstacles with money and career. I went from being a bohemian (and broke) artist to being a secure, industrious and successful social entrepreneur.

Here is how it works:

Myth Mending is a signature process for resolving trauma, recovering presence and finding your deeper healing story of the past, but also for the future. Myth Mending is an innovative and efficient process of trauma resolution, curative story, lineage repair, and nervous system re-imprinting.

It takes place within a simple conversation carefully slowed, tracked, repaired and integrated. Based in part on the work of Hippocrates, Plato, Jung, Peter Levine, Rudolf Steiner, Bert Hellinger, Pam England, thinkers in Pre and Perinatal Psychology. Myth mending is gentle, efficient and powerful.

Whether you want to prepare for the birth of a child, integrate your birth story, heal from a traumatic birth, help your baby sleep, fall in love again, pursue your calling or find financial freedom, Myth Mending is a profoundly efficient and powerful way to get to the root of things and make a deep inner shift… one that echoes outward into the world.

Myth Mending works because it focuses on 3 essential areas:

  • A Resilient Nervous System: In order to have a resilient nervous system you will first need to anchor yourself in a visceral sense of your ideals and intentions. These will naturally lead to a settling of your nervous system and slowly to the awareness of each of your worries. As you gently shift between these two poles with all your senses, intellect and spirit, you begin to allow integration of the two poles through the wisdom of the body and its archetypal healing motions. As this happens you gain more and more flexibility and presence and begin to gain tools to do this for yourself and your family and ultimately to expand outward and offer it to your community. You find permanent resolution, and it feels good.
  • The Real Story: A side-effect of recovering a resilient nervous system is the meaning that emerges along the way. First you identify and clarify your survival story, the one in which you struggle, are overwhelmed, confused or defeated and slowly as each rupture in your being resolves, you piece together a new and heroic personal mythology. You then pass your story on to your children and are able to help them know their own true and meaningful story. You are a part of recovering and passing down the ancestral wisdom of your people – even if your lineage has been lost or broken.
  • Instinctual and Perennial Knowing: As you recover resilience and your own authentic story, you also begin to rest in inquiry rather than seek answers. You begin to recover and create real Ancestral Traditions that are important to you. You even have a sense of the universal ingredients of celebration, ritual and ceremony and turn to the Earth herself to remember the Sacred. Its all there for you. As you do this you begin to make sense of all the outside information and advice, and gain confidence in your own intuitions and knowing.

 You can do it!

If I can do it, anyone can! Myth Mending is a careful and respectful process that will begin to give you back to yourself. No matter how small, lonely or discouraged, Myth Mending can help you find your deepest soul calling and remove the obstacles to living into your dreams. I promise.

Who Myth Mending is for:

  •  Mothers, and others, who want to move beyond who they think they are, even if it’s been 100 years.
  • Anyone who remembers the freedom of childhood and wants a way back to that knowing and innocence.
  • Parents who want to prepare for birth and parenting (or recover from birth and parenting).
  • people who want overcome obstacles to starting and maintaining a thriving social enterprise.

Who Myth Mending is not for:

  • People who are not willing to get in touch with their bodies and listen carefully to its somatic wisdom.
  • People who aren’t willing to stop talking and feel (with support) what’s going on deep within.
  • People who want a fix (quick or otherwise). Myth Mending is deeply healing, but it’s work.

Myth Mending includes:

  • 3 one hour session over 1-3 months (sessions must be used within 3 months unless other arrangements are made)

Myth Mending, $497:

Once you complete the payment process you will receive an email with instructions for how to start the Soft Animal Course and book your sessions!



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