We have learned from experience that a commitment of 12 hours/week for 3 months is a great way to structure internships.

  • Fall: September 15  – December 15
  • Winter: January 15 – April 15
  • Summer: May 15 – August 15

Our Exchange

Tierra Soul Interships are for individuals who have already gained knowledge and skills in one of the areas listed below, and need experience applying it in a professional environment. You will gain on the job training and experience as well as have the opportunity to demonstrate self-direction and leadership by taking on a special project in consultation with us. We will get help with daily operations and have more time to devote to vision and development.

At the end of the internship we will craft you a letter or recommendation with a list of skills you have mastered during the internship.
We offer no monetary compensation or promise of employment during or upon completion of the internship. (just saying)

We are currently taking applications for all the following areas:

Areas of Internships

Hospitality / Guesthouse

  • Stripping/preparing beds
  • Cleaning rooms, bathrooms and common spaces
  • Laundering/folding sheets and towels
  • Evolving hospitality strategies
  • Welcoming guests

Traditional Foods

  • Fermented Foods, veggies, soda, kombucha
  • Cheese making
  • Tincture making
  • Kraut Club organizing


  • Fine tune compatibility of elements
  • Apply Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles

Alternative Energy & Green Building

  • Solar fridge, Solar
  • Water catchment, draining, grey water use
  • Greenhouse & Goat Barn construction
  • Bike Parking Structure
  • Cob oven, Sauna, outdoor shower, cold plunge

The Arts

  • Send us your ideas for poetry readings, photography shows, product design, exhibitions of any kind.

One Room (un)Schoolhouse

  • Learn and practice your skills while supporting our School initiative.


  • Google analytics & Adwords
  • SEO
  • Facebook promotion
  • Social Media strategy
  • Press releases

Graphic Design

  • Flyers, labels etc.
  • Marketing material
  • Badges
  • WordPress Website updates

Research & Writing

  • Blog research & development
  • Drafting & editing
  • Interviewing & transcribing
  • Developing web copy


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