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worry stone

The Weekly-ish Worry Stone

Wisdom for your Worries: A worry stone is a smooth stone churned up from sea to land and carried in one’s palm and rubbed with one’s fingers to relieve stress and worry. Material worry stones may have worked through the process of acupressure. The immaterial worry stone I offer, works in a similar way. If your psyche has places that need attention they will create stress points in your life that often translate into worry and anxiety. In this column I will offer those places relief so they can calm down a bit and you can get one with things.


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Ask Hettie Quackers

Farm Wisdom for our veteran farm-duck Hettie Quackers: Hettie came to us at the beginning of our backyard farm experiment. We rescued her from some sort of bad situation (I can’t actually remember what it was now). Anyway, Hettie, named by my 2 year old daughter, was amazing from the start. She stayed in our yard despite our not having a fence. She cuddled up and slept happily with our 2 goats in a little cave and she took it upon herself to tend Tierra Soul’s very first nest of not-her duck eggs. She is now a grey feathered (yes ducks get gray in their old age) ancestor and very very wise from the other side. She has a special knack of addressing human questions with depth and humor.

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Tierra Soul Talk Radio

Getting out into the community: My newest venture, Tierra Soul Talk Radio is an interview series of farming & ancestral wisdom and vision. Hear from the likes of Lisa Rohleder, Beth Knox, Whapio Diane Bartlett, Emma Christensen, Lori Eanes, Melisa Nielsen and many others as we traverse topics from undisturbed birth and DIY death to backyard permaculture, home-brewing and ayahuasca.

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