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You CAN eat the best, most local, most delicious food you can get your hands on without going broke!

You are committed to eating and serving nutrient dense traditional foods and yet you think you might break the bank doing it!

You want fresh strawberries, and delicious nourishing raw milk, pastured eggs and meat.

You want to grow and produce as much as you can on your own small farm. Maybe you even have surplus or a cottage industry of some sort and want to keep your sales as local as possible.

You are energized by the creative challenge of the “new economy” and want to find connection and collaboration in your own neighborhood.

Sound like you? Then read on:

You’ve tried budgeting and depriving yourself, you’ve tried spending your bus fare or your savings, but you still can’t quite afford all this good food. Maybe you have no problem affording organic, farmers market, boutique food but are feeling lonely or uninspired with your spoils. Never fear. “The Kraut Club” is here… a place where you can get to know your neighbors, exchange surplus, barter, binge…. and best of all, save money.

We are the Kraut Klub Kitchen Collective: an association of neighbors cooking with and for each other, exchanging knowledge, ideas and expertise…. kitchen & cottage industry products.

How it Works:

  • First you’ll fill out the application below
  • If we’re a good fit you’ll complete a Kraut Club Market Agreement form and pay your annual dues.
  • Members of “The Club” contribute annually to Club organizers
  • Once you are a member of “The Club” you will get regular ordering updates via the Kraut Club Facebook Group.
  • Together we will plan Community Meals at Tierra Soul and our Seasonal Swaps where we exchange stuff.
  • We also have the option of making bulk orders together in “buying club” fashion (though this is not our focus)

Become a Member of “The Kraut Club”:

If you want to Join the Kraut Club Kitchen Collective please fill out the application below. After we review it and make sure we are all a good fit, you will get access to our Facebook order updates and reminders and pay your membership fee to support the organization and operating of the Club…..

Preference is given to villagers living within walking or biking distance of Tierra Soul. Here is the Application:

Kraut Club Membership Fee:

Now that you have filled out the membership application and gotten yourself all set up, it’s time to pay your membership fee. This fee covers the cost of equipment (like milk fridges), organization, (like sending out updates and researching farms), administration (reviewing applications and creating infrastructure) and all the other stuff involved in keeping the Club running and evolving. We ask you to contribute between $60 and $120 annually depending on when you joined, what you can safely and with integrity afford, and how much you use the club. Just edit the amount in your shopping cart and submit. *We also ask raw milk group participants to drive once/month.

We appreciate your support!

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