Farmer / Artist in Residence

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Who is the Farmer-Artist in residence for?

Permaculture enthusiasts, Alternative Energy inventors, Musicians, Artists, Writers and other performers interested in the cultural intersection of Creativity and Sustainability who want to contribute to the Tierra Soul experiment.

What to Expect:

We provide accommodation for one month while you complete a project and then you launch your project, teach a class, have an exhibition or concert here at the Farm.

You will be responsible for all your travel expenses to and from Tierra Soul, though we’d love to pick you up at the airport/train station. You will be given accommodation with one other artist/farmer of the same gender and we ask that you contribute $50/week to food costs. We all eat together family style most days and you will be responsible for preparing food and clean-up along with the rest of our family.

Once you arrive and get settled, you will get started right away on your project in cooperation with us. We are available if you need assistance. We will begin immediately with any publicity or planning for the final course, event, project…

Here are some ideas:

  • Help us put on an event: Soup & Cinema series, lecture series, open mic…
  • Help us put on a class: preparing a fleece, spinning and weaving, cheese making…
  • Building projects: solar fridge, sauna, grey water system, non freaky compost toilet…
  • Build community: network, collaborate, organize…
  • Add beauty: create works of art for our walls, design and build yard art / furniture
  • Write a series of articles for our blog…
  • Dream it up and make your pitch!

How to Apply:

We offer residencies year round and will consider seasonally dependent projects on a project by project basis. To apply, just fill out the form below:




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