Soft Animal e-course

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Ready to dig a little deeper?

You have been browsing around these pages for a bit, perhaps read about discovering your radical authenticity and the 3 Sister Sacraments or finding your unique Key to accessing your connection with and belonging in the world.

You’ve read your Secret Key Guidebook for embracing the Soft Animal of your body and are eager to delver deeper and unlock the door of deep and precious connection with yourself and the incredible world around you.

You know it’s possible, but not sure where to look.

If you’re like most people who end up here you’ve probably had lot’s of therapy, done a ton of self-help work and explored at least one spiritual practice. You know so many ways it could/should/would be done, but for some reason you still feel that existential emptiness. Or maybe you feel full, but stuck in the face of certain obstacles. Maybe you are used to deep and transformational psychic work and are tired of “talking about your problems.” Yes, you are looking for a powerful process that will give you back to yourself, not one where you have to keep trying, or pretending, all the time.

Well, that’s what Myth Mending is all about!

Myth Mending is a traditional indigenous healing and ceremonial practice woven with western tools for somatic trauma resolution and integration. Poetic imagination, curative story and issues of social justice will also inform our journey together.

The Soft Animal E-Salon is where it starts. I found that when I started working with people I found myself repeating a lot of the same content over and over again. I want Myth Mending to be as available as possible so I decided to create a small series of classes that covered the basics.

What to expect?

It’s really very simple. Once you complete your payment for the Soft Animal E-Salon you will be directed to a registration page where you will choose a username and password for the course site. Once you do that you will be taken right into the heart of the site where you can get oriented and then get started on the course material.

Soft Animal is a five part course in the fundamentals of MYTH MENDING. Through it you will begin to reclaim your authentic instinctual soul-self who knows just what to do. The Soft Animal E-Salon is a prerequisite for all Myth Mending work.

Soft Animal is divided into 5 parts – each with an instructional video. You can sit down and watch them all at once, or one per day for 5 days, or once a week. Whatever suits you best.

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5 lessons that will prepare you for the profound process of Myth Mending

You can do it!

Myth Mending is for everyone, no matter your learning style or history. Soft Animal will give you a taste of the work and also let you get to know me a little so you can make the very best use of Myth Mending work when you get started.

Already know you want Myth Mending sessions too?

Go on over the and sign-up for your first package of 3. The Soft Animal E-Salon is included and you save a little that way!

Who the Soft Animal E-Salon is for:

  • Anyone wanting to get started with Myth Mending
  • Women devoted to lives of growth and personal transformation
  • Mothers who want to do the work necessary to raise free connected children
  • Young women wanting to live an authentic life
  • Writers who want to contribute to a circle of inspiration
  • Anyone who knows the power and the intensity of Soul Nights
  • Women preparing for, and integrate, one of life’s many threshold passages: menarche, motherhood, menopause, death

Who the Soft Animal E-Salon is not for:

  • People who want to gloss over pain and head straight for the prize
  • Anyone who strives to be perfect (we prefer authenticity and humility)
  • People who prefer to be stuck in the cycle of criticism and judgement rather than claiming their own autonomy

Wanna go for it?

Just shoot me an email and I will get you all set up!





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