Seasonal Cleanse Kit

Seasonal Cleanse Kit

You eat well, really well…

but can’t seem to kick the fatigue, or eczema, or fertility problems. Whatever it is, you just know that adjusting your diet yet again isn’t the solution. Or maybe you really really WANT to change your eating habits to more traditionally prepared foods, but you just can’t bring yourself to embrace it all. It seems like too much to do when you’re still feeling so lousy. Or maybe you’ve come a really long way, and have hit a plateau or are even regressing a little. You can’t seem to get off those adrenal supplements, or over that food intolerance. You want to keep moving toward more and more wholeness, health, and surrender and you need more that dietary recommendations or more supplements. You want to feel great without all the self-deprivation!!!

We were in that same place.

We’d been cooking religiously out of Nourishing Traditions for years, eliminated processed food and lowered our carb intake. We even tried a Gluten-Free and Paleo diet, but nothing really got us over that hump….. until we started focusing our attention on traditional remedies for detoxification and healing the gut. We stared doing Castor Oil packs and conceived another child. We started doing colon cleansing and Oregano Oil Therapy and Proteolytic enzyme therapy in phases. At first it was accidental, and now it has become our family seasonal rhythm.

And it has changed our lives.

We no longer have to avoid white flour at all costs, worry that the rash is from dairy or gluten, deny ourselves – or worse – cheat on our low-carb, gluten-free diet. We do generally stick to traditionally prepared whole foods, but we don’t bat an eye if we are invited to a pizza party with un-fermented dough, are stuck hungry in an airport, or are offered food by a generous neighbor or friend! We are free and oriented to the pleasure and community that emerges when we break bread together.

Here is How it works:

Traditional people endured and created periods of fasting. They endured famine due to a bad hunting season, and the created rituals for spiritual and physical purification. Whether it was religious or not, abstaining from food is a universal cultural practice that humans have used to cleanse their bodies and beings from time immemorial. It doesn’t matter what your cultural heritage, your ancestors observed special periods of fasting.

But how do you do that in the modern world?

Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve been thinking a lot about it and testing a range of cleansing plans and systems on ourselves looking for the most simple, quick and powerful package to offer you.

Here is what we have found:

The Seasonal Cleanse Kit combines cleansing the colon, healing the gut, purging the intestines, stimulating lymph, and attacking free-radicals using a combination of simple traditional remedies and a few well placed supplements and herbal recipes.

Our Seasonal Cleanse Kit includes everything you need to do it yourself at home. No visits to the Colon Hydrotherapist (unless you want to – they’re great). No feeling guilty, or following someone else’s rhythm. We provide guidelines and basic background information so you can use the kit seasonally whenever you want to. Once you buy the original kit, you will have the essential tools and will only need to re-order the herbs, supplements, castor and essential oil when you run out.

Kit includes:

  • High quality hypoallergenic silicon bag with tubing with pressure valve
  • Herbal Gut cleanse herbs for 9 day intensive or 30 day mild cleanse
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Proteolytic Enzymes
  • Emulsified Oregano Oil
  • Durable hot water bottle for castor oil packs
  • Organic Castor Oil
  • Wool pack
  • dry skin brush
  • Top 10 Supplement Eliminator
  • The DIY Supplement Oracle
  • Complete instructions for simple and advanced cleanse

How it Works:

First you will place your order for the Seasonal Cleanse kit. After you complete your order you will receive an email requesting that you reply with your address and we will get your Seasonal Cleanse Kit shipped out to you (this process takes up to 3 weeks). This product is shippable in the USA… and Canada for an extra $20 fee – we will ask for this once we receive your address.

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Seasonal Cleanse Kit – with Silicon Bag: $597
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*This does not include your individual supplements that will be recommended by the DIY Supplement Oracle. Please budget $50-150 for those if you would like to order them.


Through Tierra Soul:

Herbal Gut cleanse herbs
Peppermint essential oil
Organic Castor Oil

From Biotics:

We will provide you with a special code to order your Biotics products when you enroll in the program.

Proteolytic Enzymes
Emulsified Oregano Oil




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