Community Myth Mending

Do you wish you could end the struggle and create harmony in your neighborhood, community or organization?

You know it’s possible. You even want to want it. You want your surroundings to have meaning, purpose.

So, you’ve delved into permaculture and Village Building and you’ve noticed that when you show up there are often the same kind of people at every gathering. You wonder why you don’t really feel included or inspired to participate. You really really crave community, but deep down you don’t really want to create community with just anyone. You want to feel safe, and comfortable. You want to be appreciated without needing to puff yourself up. You might even wonder, how can diverse neighbors make peace if like minded individuals with a common vision can’t even get along?

Maybe you are part of a community that is struggling on the verge of a split despite best intentions. You want to find repair, but at the same time, can’t bear continuing down the same path. You start accepting that Village Members come and go, that’s ok. But there is also a part of you that craves continuity, lasting relationships, and rooted community. What do you do?

You could hire a mediator, or introduce a nuanced communication practice. The problem with these solutions is that they don’t impact your community permanently so that it can emerge and evolve from a place of deeper connection and resilience. A mediator comes and goes, but you are all left with each other. A system of communication might help in the short run to curb conflict, but, from what I’ve seen, it can also have a rubber-band effect where community (or family) members try for awhile and then give up, tired of acting good. What you need is a solution that actually brings resolution and resilience to your social system. You need something that helps everyone begin to live authentically from the inside out.

That’s where we come in with our special blend of Curative Story, Trauma Resolution, and Philosophical Counsel. Deeply mending and restorative, the work gives us great hope not only for the physical survival of our precious planet, but also for emotional and spiritual evolution and resilience. We live in a traumatic age of information overload, medicalized birth, greed, busyness, and other modern maladies. It is our hope that if we can get to the root of what keeps any one of us stuck in automatic response instead of resilience, permaculture communities will emerge as a truly collaborative movement rather than yet another push for self-sufficiency that end in disappointment and isolation.

We offer two options for Community Myth Mending:

Face to Face – where we work with your family, group, or community face to face over three months. We start with  peripheral and new members and move inward in a safe and structured manner.

Via Skype -This version is better for core members of groups who live more than a few hours from Portland, Oregon.

Please contact us to talk more about how we might be able to help.



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