A Room of Her Own

… a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction;   ~ Virginia Woolf

Do you dream of having financial freedom without compromising your family ties and personal happiness?

You know you have a calling, a purpose in the world. You may even know what it is. It may not be writing fiction, but it is most certainly creative. You want to step into your work and have the world respond. You want there to be balance between the energy you put out, and the energy you receive. You want to LOVE what you do to make money. You want your work to flow effortlessly from authentic living. You want to live to work.

Yes, you would so love to wake up each day to a life designed to honor your deepest held commitments and longings, a life without financial stress (ack!). Yessss, you want a life of freedom and abundance. You don’t want a shortcut, but rather the long and happy road of growing into what you were born to do. You want to awaken with verve (not mania), with peace (not the fake-y kind), with vitality (yes, there is vitality without coffee) and with knowing (no more trying). Yes, that would be lovely wouldn’t it?

But right now you work to live.

You feel split between your work and your life, between work and your family. Or maybe you have spent your life carefully guarding your precious calling but find yourself stuck in the cycle of poverty. You want to finally have your work recognized for what it’s really worth.

You’re running around like a crazie person, amped on caffeine and stress, spinning your wheels and just scraping by. You’re exhausted and are starting to think, damn there has got to be another way! Maybe you have all the time in the world, but are always feeling the financial pinch.

You may not even remember that you have dreams and have grown cynical and angry at the rich. But there is still a part of you that knows you were born for something. If only your parents had recognized it and helped you realize your full potential…. if only.

You’ve tried having patience, trusting in the order of things.

Maybe you’ve taken a marketing course or two, or checked out a bunch on tie management books out of the library. You’ve tried drinking enough coffee to make it actually seem like you don’t hate what you do, or maybe you love what you do but hate the feeling of failure that comes with every new push that doesn’t actually bring abundance and relief. Maybe you work out of the home and you’re tired of being away from your children all day every day and want an alternative. Maybe you are a secret introvert trying to make it in an extroverted world.

You don’t want to choose between yourself and your work…

between creating your work of art and your work-for-money. You struggle to find time for your dreams. If your a mother, you want your children to follow their dreams, but can’t quite strike that tricky the balance and show them a mother who is there for them ~ and for herself.

Take it from me, a poverty stricken idealist.

I grew up poor with a true single mother. There was no child support or alimony. My mother worked very hard and was usually too exhausted to spend much time with me. As a young adult I lived in the poverty of student loans while I followed my dreams in philosophy, literature and art. After graduate school I decided to try my hand in the real world and stepped into a ten year financial awakening.

I moved to Portland, Oregon and started a few really cool projects that got a lot of attention, but very little financial support. Then I had my first child and I realized that something had to change. At first I did something I knew was NOT my calling, but made a lot of money and was compatible with my introverted nature. For the first time in my life I had enough. In fact, I had plenty, abundance, a buffer. It was an amazing feeling and I realized that much of my lifetime struggle with depression was related to not having enough. It was liberating. I was happy in a way I had never been before.

But pretty soon, I started missing my dreams and the stress of my money job was really getting to me. I decided I was going to learn about money and figure it out like I was writing an academic essay. I read books, I found and hired an amazing business coach and began building the structure of my dream work. But once the structure was in place, I hit a wall inside myself.

The thing was, I needed something deeper than a website and a social media strategy (though now those things are critical in my business). I needed to heal from the imprinting of a lifetime of poverty and shame. I decided to use the same Myth Mending tools I used to prepare for the birth of my second baby, to see if I could prepare for the birth of my business, my life’s work, my dream job. AND it WORKED like magic.  I realized that I needed to create a safe space in my being before I could manifest an outer room of my own.

That’s why I created A Room of Her Own:

In my work with mothers over the years, one of the biggest themes, perhaps bigger than any other, has been the longing for financial freedom. I was not alone. Women either crave more support from working partners, or they long to contribute meaningfully to the world. They long to rest, and play, and really enjoy life. They want relief from the stress of not having enough, or the cost of having enough.

What you’ll get:

  • The A Room of Her Own Visioning worksheet
  • 3, 2 hour Myth Mending Sessions
  • Guidance and direction to resources for bringing your work to market (branding, copywriting, marketing, website, etc).

What to Expect:

Using the age old and innovative tools of Myth Mending, together we will restore the part of you who knows what she wants, who dreams and visions, who hears that call of destiny. We will use spiritual biography as well as a dash of astrology to balance and invite the creative energies. Only then will then move into the practical realities of your emergent business, yes business. We can call it a Cottage Industry, if you like.

Stages of the Process:

  • Recover and discover dreams and intentions.
  • Remove blocks and obstacles using Myth Mending
  • Leave with a vision of your next steps!

From Dreams to Identity: This is the most important part to get right. Discover your unique calling and remove obstacles to embracing it. This is the most touchy-feely part of our program, but well worth the woo. It really works! Even if you’ve been struggling and confused for years, our unique process with help you clarify your mission on the planet and who will receive your myriad blessings.

Design & Copy: Now that you know what you want to be and who you want to serve, you need a business name, logo, website and basic marketing materials. We won’t do this part for you, but we can help you know what you need and where to find it.

The Books: All the practical stuff. Easy book keeping and accounting, banking, taxes, dealing with the city, business registration and all those other pesky practicalities. This stage also includes some deep inquiry and contemplation about money and its role in our lives; past, present, and future. We will also consider philosophies of voluntary simplicity, tithing and abundance.

You can do it!

I don’t care where you are, how broke, how desperate, or how complacent, comfortably numb or in denial. If you want to come out of it and find that sacred place in your being that knows exactly how to find financial freedom, then you can do it, and I want to help you! Over the years, I have witnessed the power of Myth Mending. I have seen lives open up in ways that seemed miraculous. Whatever it is, I promise, you can have financial freedom and authentic work in the world.

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