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We have spent a number of years carefully dreaming, crafting and revising a series of unique and life-changing e-courses designed just for you. Many of them can be completed from the comfort of your own studio, kitchen or couch. Each will help you in a different area of your quest for, and dream of, simplicity, sustainability, wellness, and belonging.

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holistic homesteading & community healing

holistic homesteading folklore foods & farming

Often the homesteading dream begins with a search for, and commitment to, real food. It doesn’t take long before you start longing for a closer relationship to all your food. We get it – that’s exactly how it happened for us. Folklore Foods & Farming includes multiple courses/resources that you can participate in a la carte or altogether. From Permaculture & Biodynamics to traditional foods & nutritional science to seasonal ceremony & community well-being, we’ve got you covered. Our old world style and values will be refreshing in contrast with much of what’s currently out there in the homesteading trend. We’ve been doing this for close to 20 years now and find joy in sharing what we’ve learned with you!

holistic homesteading myth mending mentorship

Along our journey in re-membering traditional earth centered ways, we have also delved into the inner realities of returning to the land. We have learned the old ways of healing trauma, repairing lineages, cleansing the soul and recovering from this fragmented age. The Myth Mending Mentorship also includes multiple smaller courses that make up the whole program. Together they will help you cleanse and heal yourself and eventually serve others of mankind to overcome the traumas that keep us entranced and entrained as well as continue to build true resilience from land-ceremonies. Krista & her family have spent decades listening, exploring and apprenticing so that we can humbly hold space for your unfolding.

Fia & Citlali

folklore foods & farming INCLUDES

Folklore Foods

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Lazy-Lady Living

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Seasonal Cleanse Kit

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DIY Supplement Oracle

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Top 10 Supplement Eliminator

Earth Psalm

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