We have spent a number of years carefully dreaming, crafting
and revising a series of unique and life-changing e-courses designed just for you.
All of them can be completed from the comfort of your own studio, kitchen or couch.
Each will help you in a different area of your quest for, and dream of,
simplicity, sustainability, wellness, and belonging.

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Holistic Homesteading :: Food :: Farming :: Healing :: Earth Medicine  :: Community Ceremony :: Right Livelihood :: Sustainable Economy

Traditional, Sacred & Healing Foods :: Nutritional Therapy :: Fermented Foods :: Raw Milk & Dairy :: Home-making :: Kitchen Rhythms :: LEARN MORE

Folklore Foods & Farming: Tierra Soul's "Folklore Foods & Farming" program is a comprehensive, yet efficient, program in food sovereignty, nutrient density, traditional foods, and detoxification. It includes our unique holistic homesteading / permaculture course Lazy-Lady Living, traditional foods techniques course, Folklore Foods as well as our unique social permaculture offerings in the areas of Seasonal Ceremony and Ethical Business. 

lemniscata: Tierra Soul's "lemniscata" program is a profound exploration into the realms of healing trauma , lineage repair, dream craft, curative story & storywork, traditional ceremony. It includes our programs: Soft Animal, the Myth Mending Mentorship, as well as our unique dream-crafting sessions in as well as our unique (Nahuatl for blossoming-dream-state).   Contact us about a special price for the whole program!

We offer the following courses to our members: