This will be a gathering of repair and restoration,

of personal healing, and community transformation.

We will gather to witness, sense and cultivate among-ness.

We honor our regular selves as we also

initiate, activate and inspire each other.

We do this through many small things,

eating together, sitting knee to knee, 

and repairing the ruptures that 

keep us entangled and un-free.

offered live in
new mexico

You will be held . . .

This is not just a gathering to share medicine and/or skills,

though this will be an element of our time together.

This will be a time for each one of us to stand in the center

and ceremonially, with utmost care,

investigate and unearth what holds us back from our obligations.

We will slowly and with presence,

be witnessed as we unfold within the


to heal and transform.

We will take turns.

We will carry each other.

We will invite sacred world

and our most regular, vulnerable, selves

to visit, explore and mend . . .

You will be held . . .

I stand for re-membering.

Your ancestors will be honored.

Your longing will be invited.

Your soul will be held with care.

Your dignity is calling . . .

I will be your guide . . .

There is a necessary order across generations that allows love to flow

between individuals in families and friendships, between nations/cultures,

and between generations.

And when it doesn’t flow, our energy gets bound up

in intergenerational ruptures and entanglements,

so that we cannot be free.

We forget who we really are.

We begin to identify with patterns of behavior

and coping strategies that… work.

But also that bind us.

Everyone deserves healing

It is possible to repair these ruptures.

It is possible to unravel our entanglements

so that the stories of our lives can unfold

in a way that feels congruent with our deepest calling,

our passions and our dreams –

as individuals,

as kin,

as communities in relation.

Let me show you what's possible . . .

It may seem awfully abstract and maybe even woo woo, but it really isn't. It is so much more that just knowing there are ruptures and analyzing them or telling the story of them. It is focused and profound and somatic and cosmic and deeply ceremonial.

Actually, there is a very specific process I use to locate and actually mend ruptures that existed before you were born.  

First we meet and gather in a circle. We introduce and invoke our selves and our immediate ancestors: parents and grandparents. We then invite all our ancestors to join us in the room and make our offerings of reciprocity to them. 

Next, in order to create a ceremonial space, we start with some small gestures  to ground us in connection to our individual and collective body's somatic understanding and wisdom. These gestures also help us understand the difference between intuition / felt sense and invasive thoughts / unresolved-trauma driven interventions / ideology. This also connects and weaves us together  as  ceremonial relations, so that when we move to the deeper work, we can rest upon and gather support from this root.

We then "move to the floor" and one of us starts out in the center of the process of ancestral trauma resolution or lineage repair. This process begins with the naming of both an individual intention or often an obstacle, stuck-ness or stubborn pattern. Then as a group we make contact with our somatic wisdom and connection to archetypal patterns to enact, materially and symbolically, a ceremonial image of where things are. 

As this pattern is seen and felt, we trust our bodies to shift ever so slowly from the pattern of damage and blockage toward one of liberation and flow. We ask, "what is needed here for love to flow." I will facilitate this process, drawing on my decades of experience in ceremony and trauma resolution. As we move slowly, we pay attention to the larger relational/knowing field for clues and new images for liberation, becoming, and world soul healing.

As each individual ceremony comes to a close, we move to the next individual, and then the next, until everyone (who comes into one of the center spaces) has had a turn in the center. We then shift toward closing the circle and gradually begin to process the larger group experience and vision that invariably visits us as we work and unfold in this somatic and imaginal process of healing ceremony.

Not everyone takes a place at the center. Some participants come as supporters and they work to hold space and contribute to the whole. Though these spots may seem to be exclusively service roles, they are more than that. As each person heals themselves, everyone in the room who shares a similar traumatic imprint heals at the same time. We are not separate. Furthermore, the social nervous system itself is liberated and made more cohesive for all - extending out of the healing space.

Finally, we send each other off into the world where the work continues to unfold and emerge in us and we stay in touch for a lunar cycle via a small FB group. This is where we take the first step in "walking it into the world" - what my spiritual father, Basil Braveheart, teaches is essential after any spiritual ceremony.  Our insights and visions still need tending and care so that they become integrated into our selves and families and kin communities.