You are what your grandmother ate.
~ unknown

We have been busy researching and preparing a small line of natural skin and hair care products for farm-stayers and beyond. We have an amazing simple all purpose bar that is great to use as a shampoo bar. And we are busy considering deep conditioning options. As a holistic homesteading mama, I believe in harnessing […]

Make a Natural Hair Mask for Silky Shiny Hair

natural hair mask

June 24, 2023

When you live off-grid you need to be extra careful not to pollute your land and water. Even organic and “biodegradable” products can have ingredients that are harmful if consumed by livestock or taken up by plants. It’s important to embrace a natural hair care system that works for you. Here are the basics: Here […]

Natural Hair Care that Won’t Pollute Land and Water

natural hair care

December 6, 2022

Dear Hettie, I love the soap at Tierra Soul. Is the recipe a farm secret? Lori (a Farm-Stay Guest) It is all in the Lard, Lady! When we passed this question on to Madame Hettie, she didn’t even skip a beat before answering. She’s right, Lard is our secret, and now it can be yours! […]

It is All in the Lard, Lady

March 26, 2013

Dear Hettie, I am an urban farmer, but recently heard about wildcrafting and wonder, is it is compatible with what I’m already doing? ~ Jennifer Well, says Hettie, You really should know about a thing called “backyard wildcrafting.” Let me explain: Urban farming is all the rage. in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. There are […]

Will Your Carrots Grow if They’re Not In A Row?

August 22, 2012